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Addressing Some Twilight DVD-Related Comments/Queries

UPDATE (March 23): Viva has replied to us, but so far, they're only able to address the issue regarding the posters/notepads. You'll find their reply here. They might still be investigating the issue with the special features, so please be patient. :) Also added another new known issue below.

NOTE #2: We would like to ask all who will comment on this post to please calm down before you post. Some people have said very harsh words (e.g. "scam") about Viva and this issue. Please remember that Viva is a legitimate distributor, and that the missing features are likely a quality control issue (at least in the case of the 7-part Documentary). While, like all of you, we at TCP are also very disappointed with our purchases, we are appealing to everyone to please calm down. It's okay to express your disappointment, but please do not hurl any harsh accusations before we have heard Viva's side in this issue. Thanks.

NOTE: We have e-mailed Viva about these issues. Please keep checking TCP, we will post their reply once we get it. Remember that when everyone started sending Viva their feedback, it was a weekend. Let's give them time to address the issues in the next few workdays. Please be patient. :)

Once again, this is a reminder that the Twilight DVD went on-sale yesterday, March 20th, as previously announced. Specific places to find them: Odyssey stores, Astrovision stores, Music One, Fully Booked BHS. We're not sure if they're already available in Department Stores.

Some stores only have the VCDs on display because all their DVDs have been reserved. We hope that the people who didn't reserve will still be able to find copies. Don't say we didn't warn you, though. ;)

REGARDING THE FREE POSTER: In our previous posts, we said that some stores are offering free posters for early reservations. Indeed, when you reserved, you would have been told whether or not you are eligible to get one poster per DVD, or you would have been told if you asked. :)

Photo by Tikisoka

Some people got the poster pictured above. Some people got a HUGE theatrical poster. We have no idea why the posters are different, sorry.

REGARDING OTHER FREEBIES: We weren't aware that certain stores will be giving away notepads instead of posters. If they told you outright when you reserved that you will get a poster but you got a notepad instead, you have every right to complain to the store. If all the store's advertising materials suggest you will get a poster when you reserve, complain. But we really hope that you clarified all of this when you reserved.

REGARDING THE MISSING AUDIO COMMENTARIES: We checked the e-mails that Viva sent us. The first press release said there will be Audio Commentaries. The second press release didn't list it, but it was listed in our post. Audio Commentaries are pretty standard across different editions of other non-Twilight DVDs we have personally encountered, and we assumed this was an oversight on Viva's part. We sent Viva an email back in March 3 to ask if, indeed, the Audio Commentaries were not included. We never got a reply, and consequently, we forgot to update the Features list to delete the Commentaries. For this mistake, WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE. However, you will have to ask Viva why, of all the standard features, the Commentary wasn't included when we actually got most of what's in the U.S. editions in the first place, plus the ones that Australia has.


- We received reports that there are no set-up controls for audio and subtitles. (After a review of the press release, we noticed that there are no subtitles listed either even thought that is also a standard feature. Weird.)

- We received reports that "The Adventure Begins: The Journey From Page to Screen" contains only 1 part of the supposed 7-part Documentary. Sanity Australia listed this feature as having a 54-minute running time, and is composed of the following parts:
1. The Beginning
2. The Partnership: A Look at Pre-Production
3. Vampires
4. Capturing the Action: A Look at Production
5. Vampire Baseball
6. The Final Word on the Final Battle
7. Putting It All Together: The Magic of Post-Production
The copy of one of the TCP members only has Part 1 ("The Beginning" - runs for roughly 2 minutes). We are not sure if this is just a glitch in the copy of the person who reported it to us. If your copy has all the parts, please do let us know so we can update this post. Sadly, as it turns out, this is not a glitch. People who commented on this post reported the same problem. :(

- (NEW ISSUE) There are people complaining that the movie is not DVD quality, only VCD quality. We have yet to verify this, but we'll consult some technical people about it. You'll also find the same complaints in Pinoy DVD/Video forums.

Other comments and issues will be added as we receive them.

For everyone's reference, here is Viva's Final Press Release that they sent us last March 3 (again, we apologize for our oversight regarding the Commentaries). Please click on the link below to read the full text:

Read the rest of this post

TWILIGHT, the blockbuster love story of 2008, will soon be available on video. TWILIGHT aficionados have definitely something to look forward to from the DVD release as it is packed with special features:

Theatrical Trailer
Director’s Introduction (Extended Scenes)
Deleted Scene (With Director’s Introduction)
The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen
The Comic Con Phenomenon
Theatrical Campaign
A Conversation with Stephanie Meyer
Music: The Heartbeat of Twilight
Becoming Edward
Becoming Bella
Catherine Hardwicke's Vampire Kiss Montage & Edward's Piano Concert
Catherine Hardwicke's "Bella's Lullaby Remix" Music Video
"Decode" Music Video by Paramore
“Supermassive Black Hole” Performed by Muse
Music Video: " Leave out all the Rest" by Linkin Park

TWILIGHT, a Romeo & Juliet-style story of the ultimate forbidden love affair – between vampire and mortal, is based on the bestselling book series by Stephenie Meyer. It ruled worldwide box office charts and in the Philippines alone, sales of the movie reached over P200 million, a feat so huge that the film was named the No. 1 love story since Titanic.

The TWILIGHT video is one collectors’ item every fan young and old must own. Directed by Cathering Hardwicke and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Ashley Green, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre, TWILIGHT will be available on VCD at Php 275.00, Regular DVD at Php 375.00, and 2-Disc Special Edition DVD at Php 750.00.

Sink your teeth on TWILIGHT the video at your favorite video stores nationwide. Dazzling its way towards you beginning March 20, 2009! Watch the Reel Deal Special on the Twilight video on March 29, (with replay on April 15), 1:30 PM on Studio 23.


  1. HoneY said...

    Viva should do some mends here! They should re-release the DVD, no way I will get a DVD with an audio commentary missing, and 6 parts missing of "Adventure Begins" that is cheating for the part of the consumers. They have to do something else.

  2. TIKisokA said...

    iba iba yung posters?
    i wonder what the others got...
    i like what i got...it's a good thing all the vmapires were there

    i got my poster at music one

  3. Anonymous said...

    i so totally agree with you. can somebody ask viva about it? please. and i didn't get any poster! how sad is that! huhu

  4. Anonymous said...

    mine's also one part only of the Adventure Begins feature. how do you contact viva through e.mail anyway? thanx

  5. TIKisokA said...

    oh my
    i better go back and check our DVD
    and check out ALL the features then

  6. Anonymous said...

    Why does the "Adventure Begins" feature only have one part? I am sooooooo disappointed right now.

  7. HoneY said...

    urgh! why did has to happen! my friend has only ONE freaking part of the "adventure begins." I know that even U.S. counterparts has one so why there are missing parts on the Philippine version?

    VIVA do your freaking job for this one! Something has to happen. We, followers, demand!

  8. Anonymous said...

    why?! Nadaya ako dun! :( di ba pede magawan ng paraan un?

  9. HoneY said...

    Hey people, here's the E-mail address that I used to send my queries about the glitches on the Philippine Twilight DVD feedback@viva.com.ph..I already send one so yeah, hope everybody will do that for them to re-issue or at least replace to those who bought the DVD already. Let's have them responsible for these glitches.

  10. Anonymous said...

    i've sent an email already to VIVA VIDEO today regarding some clarification..it seems that we got our twilight dvd earlier than anyone else in the world and yet we've got the scrappy version (sorry for such harsh word..but its true in my opinion)..

    i was so looking forward to the audio commentary of cathy, kristen nd rob because of the highly commended reviews they got..

    also the subtitles were missing..(even a blu-ray pirated version of the movie has a subtitle why not the original??)

    i hope that these are just minor glitches over-looked..and that we'll get our money's worth..

    i'll be keeping my receipt if ever they plan to release another version of the dvd (HOPING and keeping all fingers crossed!!)

    for the meantime i've already ordered the BORDER's version of the disc..(well its my OCD-obsessive cullen disorder-in me)

    still enjoy the dvd though..well somepart of it..specially the montages...(:lustful:)

  11. Anonymous said...

    and i thought this will be the greatest bday gift ever... :(

  12. Anonymous said...

    fyi to all..

    we can send an email to VIVA VIDEO on this address: feedback@viva.com.ph

    address to:
    Marketing Manager-Viva Concerts & Events
    Label Manager- VPI Video
    7th Floor, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
    Exchange Road Ortigas Center,Pasig City
    Trunk Line: (632) 687-6181 local 745
    Direct Line: (632) 687-5798
    Fax No.: 687-9240

  13. Anonymous said...

    already have my dvd..=)
    pero ka badtrip ha..it's unfair dito sa taga bacolod..thay're not giving a free poster!
    it is so unfair!kainis tal'ga..

  14. Nikita Cullen said...

    Felt like we've been cheated...grrrr

    Having second thoughts tuloy to buy the dvd eventhough I already have my reservations.

    Hope VIVA will take a positive action about this.

  15. Orange said...

    the dvds don't even have subtitles... :(

  16. maidenveil said...

    i felt so cheated with the DVD. it looked like VIVA just made the DVD on their own (so MAYBE they can insert the sponsors and maybe get some extra cash..i dunno).

    we should demand for a refund or change in our copy! they should have made it clear how different their DVD would be with others..

    nakakadala namang bumili ng original (heck the pirated one has a subtitle).

  17. thansher01 said...

    guys, have you noticed that the Audio Commentary and The Seven-part Documentary."The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen" was not even listed at the back portion of the special edition DVD box. I just hope that Viva must address our concern ASAP. I don't think that our version will be incomplete.

    The blu-ray pirated version has a subtitle and the audio commentary while the "orginal and special edition" doesn't have. We've waited for so long and paid a reservation fee this is what we got?

    It's utterly unfair!!!

  18. ammy said...

    got my reserved copy lat night - kinda sucked without the basics such as set-up for sound and subtitles- parang minadali lang just to make a sale.The other stuff is ok, but if they promised certain things to be part of a package they promised, then we should get value for our money. fake dvd's have set-up menu's, i bought an original one and it doesn't have - argh...

  19. ammy said...

    got my reserved copy last night - kinda sucked without the basics such as set-up for sound and subtitles- parang minadali lang just to make a sale.The other stuff is ok, but if they promised certain things to be part of a package they promised, then we should get value for our money. fake dvd's have set-up menu's, i bought an original one and it doesn't have - argh...

  20. Anonymous said...

    Mine don't have the set-up controls (for audio and subtitles) and the 6 parts of the 'The adventure begins'. This is frustrating.

  21. thansher01 said...

    guys, have you noticed that the Audio Commentary and Seven-part Documentary was not even listed at the back portion of the DVD box/case. I am really disappointed.

    The pirated blu-ray DVD has a setup menu such subtitle and audio commentary of Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson while the "original/special edition DVD" doesn't have. It's utterly unfair!

    We've waited for so long and even paid a reservation fee and this is what we got..

    I just hope that Viva didn't rush the production of the DVD just to make a sale.

  22. Anonymous said...

    we could only hope that all the audio commentary will be uploaded in youtube..

    just to share..you can wtch bits of the commentary here in this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejdWcV-CD80

    that's 3parts..and guaranteed HILARIOUS!!specially rob constant mockery to himself..

  23. Anonymous said...

    hi. i read something from twilightsaga.multiply.com na for us to hear the audio commentary we have to tweak something with regards to the audio settings. maybe if someone here who is knowledgeable about tweaking dvd players then maybe we can solve the problem with the audio commentary. not sure though, i just read it.

  24. Jei said...

    I've tried to play the DVD in three different DVD players... No subtitles, no audio commentary. It has to have a separate settings in the menu to activate this option, and we only have Play Movie, Scene Selection, and Special Features.

    And yes, we're missing 6 parts of the documentary. I thought something was wrong with my DVD... I felt cheated, really.

    Now I'm thinking of buying the pirated DVD with the subtitles. Haysh...

    Anyway, I'm just glad I got the poster. The girl in Astroplus MOA asked me if I wanted the group poster or the Edward-Bella poster, and I asked for the group. ^_^

  25. Anonymous said...

    I am so angry, I sent out a letter to VIVA. My first time ever to do so. Everyone should also send out their letters of complaint to let them know that we will not tolerate such indecency on their part.

  26. jesellg said...

    i also got my special ed dvd yesterday and got a poster of edward&bella

    with regards to the audio commentary & adventure begins...im disappointed! wala sila sa dvd!!!

  27. jesellg said...

    bakit yung dvd ko walang audio commentary & yung seven part documentary eh naging isa na lang...what happened?!

    but im happy that i got a poster of edward & bella!!!

  28. angel joy said...

    oh men!! guys, seriously?? i just bought the dvd today (i have no free poster kasi i didn't reserve but they gave me a bottles orange drink, weird) but i haven't checked it yet.. ang loser naman if there are no subtitles.. some cheaper original dvds nga meron.. sayang naman ng 750 ko...

  29. Tech Fatale said...

    At first I thought it's just a matter of tweaking the audio setting of the DVD player, kasi yung pirated version, ganon.

    OMG! to my dismay, yung inorder ko pala sa Astro Vision na pinareserve ko pa man din, wala nun! And yeah, the documentary of the making, kulang nga.

    I did notice na yung nasa packaging was weird pero I thought one things covers everything.

    This really sucks! Does ViVa even realizes how many of us got out of our way to buy the original version?

    Damn, the pirated version is much better in this case. I am not saying we all should just buy the pirated version but if the supposedly "original" fails to deliver, why won't we look for something better?

    Hope Viva realizes how many twilight fans are now pissed with them. I honestly feel like they've taken advantage of me.

    If not to sound overreacting, I really hope Viva gives all of us justice.

  30. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    I share the same sentiments about the 2-disc special edition DVD. Actually, I was warned by Rome about this before I got my copy. I believe that Viva should explain clearly why they only released 1 part of the 7 parts.

    And vamps, let's keep in touch as well. See if Viva will do something about it. Let's also try to help out the admins. I believe they will tell us/post something once there's some news.

    Email/Call Viva, if you must, but try to chill out and ask them nicely :)

    Let's play this one by ear. If one gets news, post it here just so everyone is informed.

    And let's thank the admins for keeping us posted with this matter. I believe they are doing the best they can to inform us.

    So I end this post by saying, thank you admins for addressing the problem re: 2-disc DVD. We really appreciate the efforts. :)

  31. wuzzie said...

    I also don't have the remaining 6-parts of the "Adventure Begins" and the Audio Commentaries...

    But this is worse....I only have 2 OF THE DELETED SCENES!!!

    I tried it on other players but it it showed the first 2 deleted scenes only!

  32. Anonymous said...

    I just sent an email to viva about this and i hope other disappointed fellas will do the same thing.We deserve some sort of compensation out of this.Ang hirap pag-ipunan ng P750.00 tapos "vcd quality" video lang ang mapapanood mo!

  33. kiM said...

    i got mine yesterday!! i was very excited pa because the poster was so huge!! it got all the vamps there kaya i'm still sooo very happy :)

    kaso, the sad part is that, i felt like i was mugged. na-disappoint ako sa contents nung dvd 750 p namn xa. especially sa documentary!!!! hell.. i was sooo looking forward to it pa naman. sobrang minadali cguro ng viva ung pag release nung dvd, kya kulang kulang.. tapos walang pang subtitle.. cguro pampalubag loob nila ung poster kaya kasama un sa promo.. amf talaga.. sana mai re-realease ng dvd..

  34. Anonymous said...

    Guys, really?! There are problems regarding the original twilight DVD?!

    Actually, I already bought a "pirated-na-original" DVD copy and it has subtitles in English, Commentary (with Robsten and Catherine), and 5 Extended Scenes.

    I still planned to have my savings for the original one, but after I read all your comments here, I don't know if I'll still buy it.

    Really, that was a disappointment. :(

  35. minamic said...

    I haven't opened mine yet but after reading this I'm disappointed. T_T

  36. minamic said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  37. kiM said...

    my tita lend me her pirated blue-ray of twilight. it has the audio comentary and you can hear kstew, rob and catherine describing the scens in the movie.. you have to turn it on and off pa to hear it. it doesn't have the 7 part docu but i really like the set-up menu, it was soo much better than the original's.

  38. thansher01 said...

    hi. is anyone there who has a contact with ABS or GMA? we should let the media know about the quality of the Twilight DVD. trashy trashy trashy!!!

    Although, I emailed Viva regarding our concern, I don't they would respond. TCP did email them last March 3 (i.e. regarding the commentary part) but to no avail Viva did not even respond...


  39. Mack Isip said...

    i agree that in a way viva had cheated on us. it's unfair not to have almost all the parts they announced they were including. this is some loss to their credibility as a movie company. what's funny is that the basic dvd parts like commentaries and subtitles are missing. Viva should really do some mends here. they should call back all the dvd's they sold and replace it with fixed ones.

    what they're doing is a clear form of cheating to consider that 750 pesos for a "locally-produced" dvd is pretty expensive.

  40. TIKisokA said...

    it's so unfair...
    now i'd want to buy that blu-ray pirated version!
    and to think i rarely buy pirated nga eh...

  41. kristineee said...

    hey guys, i just noticed a while ago, iba yung menu ng twilight dvd here in the philippines dun sa napanood ko sa youtube w/c I assume is the intenational edition. Para tuloy pirated yung version ng VIVA. And so weird kasi no subtitles & audio set up! To think na its an original dvd, so effin' annoying talaga.

  42. Anonymous said...

    hello. uhm no updates yet? this is frustrating. anyway thanks TCP for everything. I hope to hear from viva soon.

  43. Clair de Lune said...

    THANSHER01: "The Adventure Begins" is listed in the packaging, the audio commentary isn't. Also, we are optimistic that they will respond to our latest e-mail, considering they've been getting a ton of feedback from everyone else.

  44. HoneY said...

    Thanks TCP for the wonderful effort. It's just sad that we're the first in the world to release such but it has glitches in the end. even my Twilight foreign friends got sad of the news. I even emailed the U.S. based Twilight forum that I'm in and they're devastated with the news as well. I will be sad if there's no audio commentaries on the Philippine version though (it's standard right?)Thanks again TCP!

  45. Boybawang said...

    Scam ung 2 disc dvd!!!! I'm so furious!!! can't stop saying 'omfg' after browsing thru all the non-existent features..amf! talaga
    750 pesos? for wat? non-existent subtitles? no audio setup?
    1 minute special features?

    Sorry po sa mga harsh words.. but im just very furious about this scam VIVA made.

  46. Anonymous said...

    i've talked to the staff of the odyssey store where i bought my 2-disc special edition twilight dvd and addressed the issue. sabi nga nila tama na magreklamo tayo. besides 750 is the usual price for an imported dvd. ung hsm3 na special edition na galing doon 750 pesos then ung twilight na locally assembled ng viva same price din. it's very unfair.

    btw, i was able to get a copy of the deluxe edition soundtrack for 550 pesos at odyssey southmall.. so im guessing its available in almost every odyssey outlet


  47. Anonymous said...

    hi all..

    just an update..viva already responded to the email..and said that they will forward our complaints to their VIDEO Department...

    i just hope that they'll have an appropriate action on this dilema..

    so keep emailing to prompt an immediate action from them..

  48. lexaprone said...

    I can't relate to the DVD issues coz I scrimped and bought the VCD first (ok so I also bought Mamma Mia and The Other Boleyn Girl...). For 275 pesos, the VCD was a wreck. The sound was awful--fluctuating in some places, everybody looks greenish-white (my brother, a Twilight newbie, thought everyone was a vampire). My TV may not be state-of-the-art, but I'm pretty sure that all my Harry Potter and LOTR VCD's looked just fine when I watched them.

    Pag ganyan ng ganyan, I can't really blame people who buy clear pirated copies. Parang yung pirates pa ang my quality control.


  49. tacK said...

    I'm super disappointed as well.. I'm so counting on that subtitle feature since I'm subtitle-dependent because I'm deaf.. So didn't get to understand all the (incomplete) included features.. Haay! It's original but he pirated copy seems to be better.. Baligtad ata.. Grrr..

  50. ammy said...

    Hi! Thanks TCP for all teh help re: the Twilight DVD concerns and so sorry for lashing out at your site...

    Sent an email to viva last sat? got this reply today:

    Thank you for your feedback email. It's been forwarded to our Video group.

    Your Viva Friends
    Always visit us at www.viva.com.ph

    at least that was a quick response

  51. Anonymous said...

    Can I just get a refund? I bought the dvd for the very reason that it will help my deaf son to understand the movie more. In short, he needs SUBTITLES. Then he told me there's none. What a disappointment.

  52. Anonymous said...

    I bought the original and the pirated DVD. The fake one had better quality video and it had the audio commentary (which was, in most reviews, considered the best feature of the DVD). But, it didn't have the other features that the original had like the deleted scenes, vampire kiss montage and music videos etc.

    I'm still hoping that they will replace the original video. I really want to watch that 7-part documentary. I tried looking for it in the internet and I couldn't find it.

  53. Twilighter14 said...

    My brother and I likes talaga ang Twilight so bumili kami kagad ng original DVD last Saturday, March 21. My brother is deaf so inaasahan nya talaga na may subtitles ang movie pero ng paglabas ng menu, alang Set-up so I was disappointed naman sa kanya kasi sa way na lang un pwede nyang mas maintindihan ang movie. Viva should fix this on time.

  54. Anonymous said...

    This is sad. That's why I don't buy local versions of DVDs. I'd rather order online and get the US versions.

  55. a very angry fanpire said...

    This is so mother fuckin' stupid! The ORIGINAL INTERNATIONAL DVD has: audio commentary (best feature of the whole DVD), 7-PART documentary, subtitles, trailer TV spots, a cooler menu layout, and a setup. Goddammit, the 750-worth DVD's got nothing of those and only ONE part of the documentary.

    What's worse is that I don't even BUY pirated DVDs and now I'm actually considering it!

    I've already sent my complaint (a very loud and swearing one) to that idiotic excuse for a company and I don't care how harsh it is. I'm also going to get a refund on the stupid DVD. I would've stomped all over it if I wasn't going to return it. It's a HOAX.

  56. HoneY said...

    Hi TCP! Is it really possible that the Philippine version will not have the AUDIO COMMENTARIES at all? (since it's not included in the list or something?) That is totally a bummer! The commentaries are the best feature of the DVD with Rob being goofy and funny the whole time there and I really want to see that. Wow I really can't believe this is happening =(

  57. minx said...

    OmG! you are all right! the dvd copy was indeed not HQ! i did not watch it after i found out that there's no commentary. after i read the new issue, i checked it out and compared it with LOTR dvd. OmG. i can't stop laughing and i have no idea why! i got duped! this is ridiculous. my brother was so right. now i'm ashamed.

  58. aeyc said...

    Viva should recall these DVDs!!! We didn't get our money's worth. Php750 is not cheap you know!

    I'm also keeping the whole shebang to my mom because she would surely get pissed since she's the one who asked me to buy her the DVD right away.

  59. Anonymous said...

    im so sorry to say this but the copy is not dvd quality. i have a downloaded copy that is a lot clearer than the one Viva released. i've kept quiet about this but i guess others now it anyway (sorry admins). i sincerely hope that VIVA would fix this. a lot of fans are out for blood and i'd hate to see VIVA be drained dry.

    i loove the poster anyway. i got the theatrical one.

  60. Natalie R. said...

    Guys, calm down. There's no need to concentrate all your anger here at TCP.

    Sure, I'm mad about the incomplete features on the DVD I bought and it cost me almost a thousand pesos(which would buy more books than DVD's). But venting out when we haven't even heard VIVA's side, well that's just gonna cause problems and more misunderstanding.

    I'm just gonna ask,how can you tell apart a VCD from a DVD?
    I'm not really sure but as I watched the DVD, the sides are cut off.
    And in the cafeteria scene where Edward spoke to Bella(about him not being the hero) you can't see Eric, Mike and the others at the right side of the screen giving Bella and Edward curious looks.
    I've seen it at the movies where it's on full screen. In the whole DVD, the sidelines are not shown.

  61. Anonymous said...

    will we get our money back? what will happen to the dvd that we've just bought. will we get a refund? please email me right away at colene_0893@yahoo.com tnx

  62. Anonymous said...

    I think we should also notify the DTI about this.

    Kasi sa back cover ng DVD it specifically states that the Adventure Begins from Page to Screen and we only got the introduction.

    This is clearly a violation of our consumer rights.

  63. Leahfe said...

    oohh myy..... like others.... I also got 1 part of the Adventure Begins....
    panu un????... will VIVA replace it or will they refund???

  64. angielo said...

    I was so excited to buy the Twilight DVD and when I played mine, I discovered it is a VCD copy. I was so upset. I just wasted my P750 for this lame DVD. I regretted buying this one. It doesn't even have SUBTITLES, it's not WIDESCREEN and the said AUDIO COMMENTARIES are missing. My friends are also complaining about this. I don't know what happened. And I don't know if Viva is taking actions with these concerns because I see no response from them. I checked the DVD on eBay a few days ago and I thought it's better to buy there instead on music bars here in the Philippines. And I'd rather not buy original DVD's if Viva is the distributor.

  65. TWILIGHTER said...

    i bought a pirated blu ray dvd of twilight special ed and im very happy that i didnt venture on wasting my money on the original one...


    and it's features are :

    extended scenes not seen in the theatres

    music videos fr muse, paramore, and linkin park

    AUDIO DOCUMENTARY by catherine hardwicke,rob and kristen

    there are subtitles in english...

    the quality of the video is nice.

    i the AUDIO DOCUMENTARY is pretty fun bcause of ROBERT PATTINSON!

    gosh.geez.ang cute pala ng laugh nya and he constantly TALK ABOUT HIS PLUCKED EYEBROWS for the film...

    but i still plan on buying the original one if and only if VIVA or other distributor will have the "should be" features...

    let's wait for viva's explanation but days are passing twilighter...
    VIVa must take necessary action about the problems

  66. youretakingupmytime said...

    I watched Studio 23 yesterday and saw that they aired Part 5 (Vampire Baseball) of the supposed 7-part documentary from the 2-Disc Special Edition DVD on their show, Reel Deal. I have no idea if they posted all 7 parts, since I didn't get to watch it from the beginning and I didn't get to finish either, since I had some very important errands to run. Do any of you guys know about this? And does anyone know when/if there'll be a replay? I wanna watch.. desperately. Thank you!

  67. Anonymous said...

    is it safe now to buy the special edition DVD of twilight?? i mean is it complete already??

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