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News Round-Up: 11 March 2009

Wow, the search for the director of Eclipse seems more exciting than the New Moon search ever was. First, there was talk of Drew Barrymore being short-listed to direct the third film in The Twilight Saga. Now, Juan Antonio Bayona, director of The Orphanage, has apparently been included in that list. There are also rumours surfacing that Paul Weitz, brother to Chris who is directing New Moon, actually got the job. The next few weeks will probably see the announcement of the winner of this race. Thank you to Mary Grace for the link.

E! Online caught up with Taylor Lautner, and he seems very excited to start filming New Moon. He is also very optimistic that Summit will eventually close a deal to make a Breaking Dawn film if fans continue to support the Saga. Anticipating the inevitable rivalry that New Moon will spawn among fans, Taylor has a message for Team Edward/Robert supporters: "Don't hate on me too much." Click here to read the full story. Thank you to Mary Grace for the link.

Kristen Stewart told MTV during promos for her latest film, The Cake Eaters, that she's excited to work with Dakota Fanning in their two upcoming films, The Runaways, and New Moon.

Lastly, Myx has a Twilight promo to celebrate the release of the Twilight DVD. Go to the Myx Philippines website to join! Thanks to tim_09 for the alert!


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