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News Round-Up: 13 March 2009

Before Google Chrome decides I've opened too many tabs and crash, let's round-up today's Twilight news and relieve Chrome of the stress. :)

Style.com has posted the full article about Rob Pattinson that appears on the latest issue of GQ, entitled "He's Hot, He's Sexy, He's Undead". Click the link to read and to see more photos from his GQ photoshoot. [I've always loved GQ's feature articles. Their write-up on Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic! This one isn't any different. You see a very different side of Rob that other articles don't focus much on. The next person I want on GQ is, of course, Peter Facinelli... oh, what the heck, do a feature on all the men of Twilight! It'll be exciting to find out what a day with Edi Gathegi will be like. -CdL]

Twilight is nominated for Best Fantasy Film in the 35th Saturn Awards presented annually by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. Twilight is up against pretty stiff competition (with no less than The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in the list), so keep your fingers crossed.

Twilight Italia is asking everyone to sign a petition for Summit to shoot the last part of New Moon in Volterra. They present a very convincing case, showing us in photos in videos the real places that Stephenie Meyer wrote about, including the alleyway where Bella finds Edward, the dead end with the manhole, the subterranean tunnels, the Clock Tower at Piazza del Priori, and more. Click here to learn more about the petition and to see photos and videos. [Normally, we would say that online petitions don't work, but I certainly hope this one does! -CdL]

Variety has also joined the ranks of the sites confirming that Juan Antonio Bayona has been chosen by Summit to direct Eclipse. While Variety is a very reliable source, nothing is really confirmed until Summit posts an official press release.  UPDATE 11:35am - Well, what do you know! I did say it's not confirmed unless Summit says so, right? Well the LA Times spoke to Erik Feig himself, the president of Summit, and he says that they haven't offered the Eclipse job to anyone. He adds that nobody even bothered to ask them if this is true before running the story (we're looking at you, Nikki Finke!) Thanks, Twilight Lex!

Examiner.com looks into the Twilight fandom and answers the question "Does Twilight appeal only to teens?" [Well, we've known for a while now that it appeals to a much wider demographic than that! After all, the TCP Admins are working professionals, we have a bunch of Twilight guys and moms, and we even have a Twilight Gay! -CdL]

Forbes.com has listed the 10 of Hollywood's Most Valuable Young Stars, and The Twilight Saga newcomer Dakota Fanning secured the #3 spot behind Daniel Radcliffe and Miley Cyrus.

InStyle went shopping with Ashley Greene!

BuddyTV lists 10 suggestions to ensure we get an awesome New Moon movie. [I would agree regarding the Volturi, but only the part about the audience feeling the threat they impose. I'd rather not see them looking like they're typical horror film vampires. If Rosenberg and Weitz are any good, they will give us something new but very effective. -CdL]

E! Online features a new video where the "Twilight Villains Talk New Moon".

In Episode 12 of the Danag Podcast, we mentioned Pocket Edward. We also mentioned that everyone seems to be working out, except for Rob. Well, at least Pocket Edward is working out enough for two people - himself and Life-Size Edward. There's even sparkly work-out equipment involved!

Spoiler TV has posted a LOT of photos from the set of New Moon. It looks like the pics were taken during dress rehearsals down in Vancouver. Peter is blonde again [poor Peter, I hope that's a wig. No matter, he still looks fabulous. -CdL], Jackson's hair is looking good [maybe because he's now actually bald and they don't have to deal with his real hair -CdL], Ashley's back in the short wig [uh, I kinda like the Twilight wig better... -CdL], Kellan's hair is dark again, Rob's hair is looking good [Dear make-up people, please don't touch Rob's hair. kthnxbai. -CdL], Taylor has that long wig again [ugh, they didn't change it! When he "cuts" his hair in the story, please don't slick it back, make-up people! We love Taylor's regular hair. -CdL], and the biggest surprise is Nikki's new blonde wig [Okay, I think I like Nikki's real hair dyed blonde than this wig. It looks really fake, and doesn't seem to suit her looks. -CdL]. And since I've said way too much already, just click that link above to view the pics for yourselves. Let us know what you think by posting a comment. :)


  1. Ronald said...

    I love how Rob says he fucked Joe Jonas in that GQ interview. XD

    That teaser should say "Hide your daughters...and your sons, too!"

  2. Rome said...

    I love Rob's GQ write-up! I think I was laughing a lot at some points in the article. It was unexpected but refreshing. =]

  3. Anonymous said...

    "I fucked Joe Jonas." very funny. very cool. hehe

    About the NM rehearsal pics...er... they smoke. I was a little turned off. Anyway, it's bad if they overdo it, I hope they don't. We get it, vampires suck, but smoking sucks too. =)

  4. Summit Drinking Water said...



  5. Lauren said...

    Thanks for the mentioning my Pocket Edward! :)

  6. TIKisokA said...

    it's so funny
    that the comments on the
    dress rehearsal photos...
    are all about the cast smoking!
    like that's such a big deal! and it's cold in Vancouver
    well to each his own i always say...

  7. Clair de Lune said...

    RONALD- Remember what you said in Episode 11.... Hahah!

    LAUREN- You're welcome! Pocket Edward rocks! :)

  8. Anonymous said...

    the GQ issue with Rob on the cover is now available at National Bookstore and Bufini outlets.

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