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News Round-Up: 17 March 2009

Some New Moon-related tidbits for y'all as the cast finishes up with rehearsals and leaves Vancouver to prepare for film shoots to start in the coming days.

On MTV News: Edi Gathegi, who reprises his role as Laurent, praised the new script and says the film will be "a lot more active [than Twilight]." It has to be, with werewolves and cliff-jumping, right? Except the latter will be accomplished by a CGI'd Bella, according to costar Kristen Stewart. Yes, no extreme sport-stuntwork for KStew (or her body doubles) this time around. Read the full stories here and here.

And speaking of my favorite Bella, reporters have been sneaking in New Moon-related questions in the middle of Kristen's "Adventureland" (which premiered in the U.S. yesterday) promotions. Youtube has some bits from MaximoTV and EXTRA. In an interview with E! Online, she also expresses her view of her second Twilight movie as: "I can’t wait to see how [Jacob] is able to pull [Bella] out, but he does. She’s like a zombie and he’s the light. It’s such a tragic story. It’s like, ‘That’s who I should be with, but I’m totally in love with the guy I shouldn’t be with.’ Girls are like that. It’s relatable." Of course, topmost on the things she's looking forward to is having Taylor back as Jacob and says they're all "very proud of him." More video interviews with Kristen can be viewed on the Access Hollywood site and IGN UK.

[minamic: I hope this means Kristen will be in her comfort zone with Taylor, and she'll be able to show us the wonderful actress that went into hiding because of her awkwardness with Robert. I'd really love to see how she'll be able to portray her character. New Moon-Bella, with all her emotional incapacities, should be an interesting challenge.]

KStew also addresses the rumors about potential Eclipse directors. "I don't know. I mean, as long as they get someone who's invested, as long as they get someone who cares." Read the article by AceShowbiz here.

A fan was able to chat with Peter Facinelli at the recent UK Twilight convention where he comments that Edward will have "better sparkles than in Twilight"! [Yey! *crosses fingers*]

RPattz was at an Arkansas Wal-Mart recently to promote the release of the Twilight DVD, where he relates his own thoughts about New Moon, and says that Edward was "the first time he has played a real masculine character." (You can search for vids of this visit taken by fans up on youtube.) Sadly, I think I read somewhere that he referenced his "unwashed hair" again at the event. Sigh. [Oh Rob. I fangirl you, but we really don't need to hear about that... Again. Jovan and I will wash your hair for you if you visit though.]

Director Chris Weitz was caught hanging out with the wolves, albeit while shopping for cars for his vamps. And, oh my, Taylor is looking mighty fine! Despite the height requirement, he is shaping up to be Jacob quite nicely, no pun intended. RPattz, better not let up on those weights you've just recently started lifting!

On a last note, we'd like to share Vanity Fair's awesome awesome AWESOME photoshoot recreating scenes from The West Side Story. And wouldn't you know it, Twilight enemies Robert Pattinson and Cam Gigandet landed minor roles as part of the Jets, supporting Ben Barnes' main hero, Tony. (Camilla Belle plays Maria.) [Wow. Ben, Cam, and Rob in one pic together! Sorry, Daene. Looks like this was dedicated to us angels. Hehe.] Unfortunately, it's just a shoot, and though Rob and Cam only get background duty, the slight glimpse of them having fun and letting loose is so worth it!

Besides, we can always wait for outtakes.


  1. Jei said...

    Hmm... Why Ferrari?
    They can't always have the exact cars in the book anyway. Haysh...

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Thank you, Vanity Fair! The Ben Barnes fans have been waiting for this since last year. AWESOME indeed, Minami!

  3. Rome said...

    I agree. That West Side Story photo was really made for you Angels! Hehe. And here I was thinking that the Gap Ad was it. It just got better. Vanity Fair is made of AWESOME! XD

  4. minamic said...

    I want outtakes! :D

  5. resident_nutty said...

    it would have been HILARIOUS if Justin Chon was in the pic (well, malabo naman na may random Asian guy given the setting, haha). pero wala lang, complete TCP admins na yun if ever! LOL

  6. mariae said...

    twilight dvd special edition is now available at oddysey but instead of free posters they're giving away twilight notepads....

    Dang it! i already paid a down payment at astrovision for the free poster..too bad...

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