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News Round-Up: 23 March 2009

NEW MOON PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY UPDATES: Twilight Gossip has photos of Bella's truck with the old motorcycles she will bring to Jacob for rehab. Click here to see the pics. Spoiler TV has some set photos from the cliff diving scene shoots at Incinerator Rock in Tofino, British Columbia. The Canadian Press also has a substantial report about the shoot at Tofino here.

Twilighters Italia has confirmation from the Tourism Association of Montepulciano in Italy that New Moon will be shooting there from May 25 to May 30. There has been talk from a few weeks back that Montepulciano will serve as an alternative location for the Volterra scenes in New Moon. Montepulciano's architecture looks a lot like Volterra's, and it's possible that the city has more resources to cater to a film crew as large as New Moon's compared to Volterra. Montepulciano is apparently also more accessible. Twilighters Italia's report adds that it is still possible certain scenes will be shot in Volterra itself. Click here to see photos of Montepulciano (the report is in Italian).

Eyes of Amber has a feature about a Twilight-inspired car.

Summit Home Entertainment made a killing at the US home video sales charts with 3 million units of the Twilight home video release sold on the first day! Click here for the official press release.

Amazon.com is selling a 2010 Robert Pattinson Wall Calendar. Oh, man, 1/2 of another Oracles of Danag prophecy comes true. *facepalm*


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