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News Round-Up: 25 March 2009

MTV is on a roll with not one, but five Twilight/New Moon features today:

- Kristen Stewart's Adventureland co-star, Ryan Reynolds, says he loves Twilight. While he may be married to the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson, he says he might just think of turning gay... for Rob! "Oh my God are you kidding me? Robert Pattinson in a word: dreamy." When asked if he would like to work with Rob in the future, he adds, "Sure! Look- I'm not gay, but I'm thinking about it." LOL. Click here to read the full story and watch the video, you know, just in case you don't believe what you've just read. :p Thanks to Ronald who first brought this to our attention.

- Although Catherine Hardwicke commented about Twilight being turned into an anime in the DVD Audio Commentaries, she insists in this interview that nothing is planned.

- Rachelle, Edi, Kellan, and Ashley talk paparazzi.

- Ashley Greene talks about the success of the film during a Twilight DVD release party.

- Kellan, Ashley, and Rachelle talk autographs. [No, I will not be disappointed if it were Rachelle who signed my poster, she rocks! -CdL]

E! Online predicts the Rob and Kristen romance rumours are about to start again now that New Moon has started filming. Some Twilight cast members weigh in on the issue. Thanks to Mary Grace for the link.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Summit Entertainment is looking to cast Rob in a new film they are producing entitled Memoirs. The film "tells of two lovers whose newfound relationship is threatened as they struggle to deal with family tragedies."

This one made me teary-eyed. The U.S. Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) hosted an event with Peter Facinelli at the Ft. Lewis Post Exchange to celebrate the release of the Twilight DVD with U.S. soldiers and their families. To accommodate the thousands of fans who turned up to see him, he signed autographs, talked to people, shook every soldier's hand in the line, and took photos for 16.5 hours straight. @_@ The event was supposed to last only 2 hours, but Peter insisted on accommodating everyone to show his appreciation to the soldiers. Click here to read the full report. [See, this is why I love Peter. He's such an all-around decent, cool guy! -CdL]

The Calgary Herald has a feature on Rachelle Lefevre.

NewMoonMovie.org reports that filming is now underway at the location for Jacob's house. In other filming news, the Eagle Pictures (Italian distributor) website is dispelling the rumours that the film will shoot on location at Montepulciano on May 25-30.

The Twilight Lexicon learned that Michael Welch (Mike Newton) will be appearing in an upcoming episode of C.S.I.

4TNZ interviewed Edi Gathegi!


  1. TIKisokA said...

    Ryan Reynolds is sooo funny!
    love that guy haha
    now a team up between Rpattz and Ryan would be something...really something!

  2. rhiancallyx said...

    Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy, even in his previous interviews. I love him in Blade Trinity. :)

  3. Rome said...

    Ryan Reynolds, mahal na kita!

    Super. LOL. Loved you in Definitely, Maybe... Love you more now. Haha.

    Oh, another movie for Rob? Produced by Summit? Hmm... At least on a scheduling stand point, pwede. Story's interesting. However, I can't help but think na parang nagiging Regal baby tuloy si Rob. Erk. =P

    Like you CdL, I'd love to have Rachelle sign my poster. She totally rocks! As well as Ashley Greene. XD

  4. Jo said...

    btw, saw this dress up game on y8.com
    Here's the link:

    visit it if anyone has free time! Lols! :))

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