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News Round-Up: 27 March 2009

Nikki Reed talks to MTV about Rosalie's and Bella's conflict in New Moon and how much this differs from her real-life relationship with best friend Kristen Stewart.

Celebuzz interviewed Rene Haynes, the casting director who handled the tedious casting of the Native Americans who will be part of the Wolf Pack in New Moon. She talks, specifically, about Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz, who are rumoured to have landed the roles of Sam and Paul, respectively. Click here to read the full interview, and see a *wow* pic of Alex (if you've seen it before, it can't hurt to see it again.) :p

Police were called to Boston Latin School as rumours spread that vampires were roaming around the school. There is no word if these vampires are handsome and sparkly.

Access Hollywood has a First Look clip of Rob Pattinson from his Little Ashes movie, which will be premiering in the U.S. Thanks to Rachel from Access Hollywood for the tip.


  1. Jerica said...

    ahmm guys i think there is a promo in studio 23. they giving up twilight dvd by answering this question: who is your favorite twilight character? but unfortunately i didnt got the website on where yoy will give your entry but i'll watch studio 23 again for more info

  2. Rome said...

    Oh Little Ashes... will I see thee in Philippine cinemas? *sigh*

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