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News Round-Up: 17 April 2009

MTV got confirmation from Drew Barrymore herself that, though she was one of several directors who were being considered to direct Eclipse, ultimately, she wasn't the one who was chosen.

MTV's Larry Carroll asks the question "Is there any truth to all the tales of Twilight-related violence on the web?" Larry has asked Twilight fans to share their experiences. This article comes at the heels of all the reports from other sites who have picked up the stories being posted at the Twilight Sucks site. [I've seen that message board. Sigh. No comment.   -CdL]

It's a girl for Cam Gigandet and Dominique Geissendorf! Congrats! [We're sure Mabs is happy for them too. ;)   -CdL]

The Deadbolt had a Vancouver encounter with Peter Facinelli. [OMC, Peter should win that award some group gives to actors who are very accommodating of fans. I forgot what it's called, but I remember Johnny Depp won it several times.   -CdL]

Entertainment Tonight visited the New Moon set, and they've posted a teaser video for the feature which will air April 23 in the U.S. Watch for it locally on 2nd Avenue on April 24th.

Well, this is interesting. E! Online interviewed Alex Meraz at the Armani Exchange party. And I guess the "Rob smells" thing isn't over and done with for them yet, so they asked Alex if it was true. Apparently, when Alex first met Rob, here's what happened:

ALEX to ROB: Dude, you smell fantastic!
ROB: *blushes, does the hair thing*

This is probably going to fuel some Paul/Edward fanfics or something. LOL. Watch the short clip here.

Oh, and if you haven't gotten enough of Alex today (we're sure you haven't), Access Hollywood sent us another video of him talking about life on set:

Again, thanks so much to Rachel of Access Hollywood for this. :)


  1. Jei said...

    OME! (or OMJ!) I am really excited to see Taylor on the ET feature! =)

  2. TIKisokA said...

    i am really LIKING Alex Meraz!
    He is such a hottie!

  3. mariel_jn said...

    LOL. I was thinking of the same thing when I saw that clip of Alex's comment about Rob's scent. No doubt about that, well be expecting Paul-Edward fanfic soon.lol.

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