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News Round-Up: 2 April 2009

Twilight as expected is not immune to the pranks played during April Fool's Day--- from the amusing to the absurd ones. MTV focused on the reports by some sites that Robert Pattinson pulled out from New Moon.

Kellan Lutz now joins the shirtless bandwagon as he poses for Flaunt magazine. See the pictures in Celebuzz here. And from one shirtless guy to another, Celebuzz also has more on Alex Meraz...and his wife. [Fine, bring on more shirtless guys, I don't hear anyone complaining - mabelletaka]

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is also lending his singing chops to the soundtrack of How To Be. ET Online reports that he will contribute three songs to the soundtrack. Sam Bradley, who co-wrote Never Think with Robert Pattinson, was interviewed by The Examiner on his upcoming projects.

USA Today has an exclusive on Kristen Stewart as she promotes Adventureland. She also reveals her experience in Twilight and how large group of girls scare her. [No, she's serious, well she's right in saying that Robert's situation is worse - mabelletaka]


  1. Clair de Lune said...

    I hear some of the guys complaining about all these shirtless cast members. Hahaha!

    I don't think Ronald will complain though, right? ;)

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