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"New Moon" Movie Tie-In Book Cover Revealed!

POST UPDATED 11:15am 3:00pm. Please scroll down.

This is Clair de Lune bringing you this morning's news.

The people who listened to Danag Podcast Episode 15 will (hopefully) remember that I personally had issues with Edward being at the foreground of the lovely New Moon teaser poster. That's not to say I didn't like the poster - I did! - it's just that I'm too conscious about how the central relationships and characters in New Moon are portrayed in the movie. However, as long as the poster was able to relay what New Moon is all about, I was okay with it. So yes, I was okay with it. :p

But lookie what Entertainment Weekly just revealed: the New Moon Movie Tie-In book cover!

While this cover is not quite as dramatic as the teaser poster, this proves, at least to me, that a New Moon poster can work without Edward in the foreground and still convey a lot about the story. And as we predicted in Danag Episode 15, if they ever come up with a more Bella/Jacob-centric poster, it will be to hype up the Bella/Jacob "relationship". Oh, and look, Mabs, the wolves in the background, just like you wanted! ;) Chalk another one up for the Oracles of Danag. ;)

I've shared my personal opinion about the cover, now do let us know what you think by posting a comment. :)

UPDATE (11:15AM): We found another movie tie-in cover, this time courtesy of NewMoonMovie.org from a link sent to us by TCP reader, Jerica (thank you!). If my suspicions are correct, the first cover above is for the Trade Paperback edition of the Movie Tie-In, while this second cover is for the Mass Market Paperback edition of the Movie Tie-In. As you will recall, Little, Brown also published two versions of the Movie Tie-In for Twilight, and the Trade Paperback one also had a poster included. We will be contacting Hachette Book Group USA (Phils.) to confirm, but I'm almost certain that this is the case. :)

UPDATE (3:00PM): Hachette Book Group USA (Phils.) confirmed that the 1st cover is for the Trade Paperback edition, and the second is for the Mass Market Paperback edition. Philippine release dates to be announced soon.


  1. Rome said...

    Like you CdL, I am equally happy seeing this cover. Finally! The cover makes more sense and very representative of New Moon's story. I think they played the love triangle aspect too early with the teaser poster when it was only highlighted in Eclipse. And I don't think the non-book readers but Twilight movie-goers should mind, as it should make them more curious to find out why it is played that way. So bravo! And chalk one more on my to-buy list. XD

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Another cover has been found! I've updated the post. :)

  3. Anonymous said...

    finally someone just got the cover right... i re-read 'new moon' over the weekend just to keep me abreast of the story and the characters... now i can put a face whenever i see the actors playing them...

  4. twilightangel20 said...

    galing talga ng oracles of danag. ang bilis mangyari ng mga predictions nyo. this cover is like wow! can't wait for it to hit the shelves. I have to say na the picture says it all...there will be something going on with jake and bella. love the gold color of new moon. applause applause!=)

  5. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    I love it! :D Hello naman kay Taylor. I volunteer to go to jail now. Hehehe :))

    Pero how come Bella looks like... off. Ewan ko parang I don't see the brokenhearted Bella sa cover.

  6. cleotie said...

    I love the new movie poster. it really suit the story in New Moon. Oh btw, you might want to check this blog entry, it mentioned something about Rpattz :)


  7. Anonymous said...

    all i can say is WOW.
    I love the trade paperback tie-in cover. I also agree with the statement in the article that New Moon can make a wonderful poster without the need of Edward being in the foreground.

    I really love it!!!

  8. angel said...

    i love the new covers of the book. but New Moon would still be my least favorite book in the series. :)

  9. Una said...

    To be honest, I like this better than the teaser poster. Heck, I think THIS should be the teaser poster. Anyone else agree?

  10. Anonymous said...

    love it!!!!!
    even the teaser poster, but i think rob should be in there also...
    but its better than the twilight poster

  11. Anonymous said...

    i love the cover of the new moon paperback version... i think it is so cool and the it has theatrical effects in it which is really nice.

  12. Anonymous said...

    wow..i so love the cover xD

  13. Anonymous said...

    squee!!! love the cover..it definitely illustrates what would happen in the book and I especially love the way Kristen looks more like Bella in her facial expression.

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