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Episode 25: We do not care what you did, Carlisle, but we have been waiting a millenium...to La Push you into the crevasse!

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"New Moon" Trailer Now Online!

You can now see it on MySpace Trailer Park, HERE.

Here is the embed from MySpace:


If the video becomes unavailable because of the traffic, please head to MTV Movies or Film School Rejects.

And if all those other links fail, that can only mean one thing: the Twilighters have once again broken the Internet. :p


  1. Thea said...

    MTV Movie Awards 2009
    Local Showing: Sunday, June 14, 7:30 PM.

  2. mariel_jn said...

    Wow I must say great job C.Weitz!! I think rob has that same facial expression lol. That scene with Laurent and Jacob is wicked, so that's how the transformation of Jake to a rusty wolf would look like eh? I like Laurent's red eyes too.haha

  3. Jacke said...

    The jailbait!!!! He's soooooo HOT! ahahaha will comment more when I have stopped hyperventilating. ahahaha

  4. myeth said...

    i just hope the scene with bella and edward breaking up ain't that short cuz i almost shouted "bitin" (and i'm still here in the office)when it switched to the next scene. and yeah, rob's facial expression in the party, as they were entering, was a bit weird. why the heck is he frowning??? i liked laurent's line, i was like "ouch!"

  5. :) said...


    Another link for you guys.. funny video. Kristen broke her popcorn.. a piece came off.. haha

  6. Anonymous said...

    Ohh my!!!

    The trailer was great. Why does Esme's hair gone straight though?? Loved her curls in twilight.

    Does vampires able to change their hairstyle like that?


  7. twilightangel2026 said...

    OMG....it's beginning again! New Moon fever starts now. LOL. Nice wolf transformation. Chris Weitz...not bad!

  8. Anonymous said...

    So far so good! I'm loving the transformation of Jacob. Keep those bodies comin' Haha.

  9. ophine said...

    pero I imagined bigger and meaner looking werewolf..sorta dissapointing on that part.
    entirely, GREAT!
    made me hyperventilated for hours..maybe this could go on for days XD

  10. kymishcullen said...

    gosh.. november isn't soon enough!!!!! i love how edward pushed jasper and bella.. it was so moving,... and jacob.. uber hot, the transformation was like i have imagined it.. this triggers the fans to go wild.. AGAIN.. haha i miss being so gaga over twilight..

  11. Anonymous said...

    love the trailer and the effects. although I am a teeny bit being OC about the scene where Jasper attacks Bella. I had always imagined that Jasper was close to Edward and Edward's trying to hold Jasper off and dodge Jasper's attempts on biting him.

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