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News Round-Up: 13 June 2009

Metro has been featuring their one-on-one interviews with the New Moon cast, the latest of which is with Robert Pattinson . Check out the other Metro articles with Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Chris Weitz.

Nylon has also posted excerpts from its interview with Ashley Greene. You can check out the entire interview in the next issue of Nylon Magazine.

Entertainment Weekly has a new poll on the most anticipated "follow-ups" for 2009. As expected, New Moon is in the list (and in the lead!) along with Transformers, Harry Potter, Angels and Demons, and Terminator.

And last (but not the least, this one's for you CdL!), Peter Facinelli tweeted:

My friend Rob Defranco bet me I couldn't get 500,000 followers by the end of next week. If we lose I have to give him the back of my actors chair from Twilight. I think if everyone had 10 of their followers follow me we can do it no problem.

So those who have not followed Peter yet on Twitter, do add him (although it wouldn't hurt for a friend to get his Twilight chair...depends on what he'll do with it LOL). If he wins the bet, his friend will walk down Holywood Blvd in a bikini, singing Single Ladies with a sign that says "Twitter Me" while Peter will videotape it. Deadline for the bet is Friday, June 19 at midnight LA time (he still has a long way to go by the looks of it). Also, follow us on Twitter!


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