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News Round-Up: 04 July 2009

Summer School in Forks was held last weekend and for us non-US residents (or have no money to go the US), here are articles from People and MTV giving a summary about the 4-day event.

Peter Facinelli granted an interview with Radar Online on his way to the Vampire Baseball game for Make-A-Wish Foundation. He talks about his baseball skills (and how he wants Rachelle Lefevre on his team) and what he thinks about filming for Eclipse.

We have seen a lot of dashing Kellan Lutz lately (and who's complaining? check out his photos for Social Life Magazine!) so here's an article from Ace Showbiz talking about how he stays fit. OK! Magazine also did an interview with him regarding the New Moon set.

Extra features 12 things you may not know about Kristen Stewart. Well, any KStew fan might already know most of the stuff but it's an interesting read nonetheless.

Michael Welch shares with MTV about Robert Pattinson's appearance in the New Moonfilm given that he only appears physically at the start and at the last chapters of the book. You can check it out here.

Lastly, though this news is relatively early, Perez is reporting that filming for Breaking Dawn will start right after filming wraps up for Eclipse, as mentioned by Ashley Greene in an interview.


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