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New Moon Movie Companion Cover

We blogged about the New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion, and now here's a peek at the cover! Sure, we've seen that top part on the posters, but check out the Cullens at the bottom.

(Source: TwilightSaga.com)

We'll keep you updated on local availability when we have news from book publisher Hachette.


  1. twilightangel2026 said...

    i dear say...the cullens look more classy in the NM companion cover. really really vampirish too. lol.

  2. myeth said...

    i would have preferred that the lower bottom show the wolf pack rather than the cullen family (they look great, as always). i mean, i'm all team edward and i would die (literally!) to be part of the cullen family, but let's face it... new moon is more about the jacob and the wolves, it's their moment to shine... it's as if it's some sort of a sign that we're gonna be seeing a lot of cullens... hmmm...

  3. Rome said...

    I think I tweeted about this but I'll reiterate...

    What?!?! No Volturi?!?! No Wolf Pack?!?!

    'Nuff said. Still buying though. =)

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