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News Round-Up: 18 August 2009

HitFix has uploaded the second New Moon trailer in its site, entitled "Meet Jacob Black". This is the same trailer (or featurette, but most pertain to it as a trailer) as was shown in the movie Bandslam! (and was also leaked online). Yahoo! also features the trailer and is wondering whether this will cause people to switch camps (LOL). Also, MTV's Larry Carroll lists 5 things that we have yet to see from New Moon based on the footages that we've seen so far.

Stephenie Meyer has just updated her blog, sharing what she did last summer. Click here to view her book, music, and movie recommendations.

Get to know Chris Weitz up close in this Rotten Tomatoes article talking about his directorial accomplishments and how he is in the set of New Moon.

Another spotlight on Taylor Lautner: check out this article in BuddyTV.com highlighting how he is now getting more of the pressure for New Moon unlike in Twilight.

Jodelle Ferland talks about how she cannot reveal which newborn vampire she is in Eclipse, her thoughts on meeting Robert Pattinson, and how she celebrated once she got the part in this interview with E! Online.

Robert Pattinson reveals his constant dilemma --- he cannot stay in the same place for more than 20 minutes because of the "Twitter girls" (okay, now I pity the guy - mabelletaka). He also shares in the interview with Daily Record his public life and how uncomfortable he is watching himself on screen.

Be informed about the charitable efforts of the Twilight cast as MTV gives a rundown of the actors and their respective charities.

Lastly, you can watch all the TwiCon clips from Reelz Channel by clicking here.


  1. Rome said...

    MTV's Larry Carroll lists 5 things that we have yet to see from New Moon based on the footages that we've seen so far.

    Larry hit the money with the last thing not being yet shown in NM: the humans. I mean, seriously, I loved them in Twilight. They need more love on a publicity/promotional standpoint. Come on, Summit!

  2. Anonymous said...

    I love the 14 second trailer! it's great! but yeah would love to see the humans too.

  3. myeth said...

    i finally saw the meet jacob black trailer... i looooveee it! well, even if i saw edward's face just for a few seconds (i miss him soooo much already). but unlike Larry, no, i don't want to see the cliff dive scene yet... nor do i want to hear what song would be used... i want to see it together with the whole movie so i can experience the full effect of the pain, anguish, letting go - all the emotions bella felt while in that exact moment.

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