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Welcome Jack Huston!

Twilight Saga: Eclipse now has its Royce King II in the person of actor Jack Huston. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter) Royce was Rosalie Hale's wealthy banker-fiancé... and subsequently the reason she had to become one of the gorgeous undead. This means we'll be seeing that particular backstory in the third movie.

Welcome to the crazy world of Twilight, Jack!


  1. twilightangel2026 said...

    he looks the part of Royce King! i'm really interested in Rosalie's back story and now here's another reason to make me wish November's tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I think he's perfect for the part of Royce King. He just exudes that artistocratic/bad boy vibe. I hope Summit won't replace him in the last minute.

  3. minamic said...

    i agree with both of you. he looks like a Royce. :)

    nah, he's just been casted. and since he'll only be in one film, i doubt they'll replace him at the last minute. :)

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