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Listen to "Meet Me on the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie

MTV has posted the clip to Death Cab for Cutie's Meet Me on the Equinox, the first single to be released from the New Moon soundtrack. Listen to it here!

How did you find the song? Which part of the movie do you think this song will be used?


  1. Jei said...

    I think they could use this song during Bella-Jacob's moments. :-)

  2. Rome said...

    First off, I really shouldn't have listened to the 30-second preview before because I pre-judged the song.

    Anyway, the first few seconds of the song were a little off but when I heard it completely, it's forgotten. I love the lyrics. The phrase "everything ends" drives the point. =)

  3. myeth said...

    one word - ouch!

    i think this is more for bella, something that they can be played while she has those scenes where edward just left and she's trying to move on...

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