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News Round-Up: 08 September 2009

More New Moon posters have been showing up this week, the most interesting (well for me anyway), is this poster of Edward and Bella (minus Jacob).

Check out the other posters in Socialite Life.

Examiner.com gives a rundown of filming for the Eclipse movie as it wraps up its third week.

Kristen Stewart talks about her current projects and what she thinks with her Twilight fame in this interview in Times Online.

Kiowa Gordon shares to MTV more podcast fodder, uh I mean, a way on how to tell the wolves apart.

Watch these videos from Popstar on Boo Boo Stewart where he talks about his role as Seth Clearwater. [I think Boo Boo has the makings of another jailbait, hehehe -mabelletaka]

MTV posts this article on Death Cab for Cutie, especially on band guitarist Chris Walla's opinions about Edward and Jacob (since he's the only one from the band who has read any of the books).

Here's a complete list of Twilight Lexicon regarding the official twitter accounts of those associated with Twilight. Also do not forget to follow us on Twitter.


  1. kyluhtoots said...

    Have you seen this Team Jacob corn maze? http://simplytwilight.com/?p=6565

  2. Anonymous said...

    yayyyyyyy omg! in this one, I can say Edward really looks like he's a vampire--a handsome undead for that matter.

  3. myeth said...

    edward looks scary... like, it's what he would look like had he been a part of the volturi...

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