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News Round-Up: 13 September 2009

First off, Happy Birthday Bella Swan-Cullen!!!

The second full-length trailer of New Moon was reportedly shown in cinemas prior to the screening of Sorority Row, which is another movie from Summit Entertainment, and some fans have already uploaded it on video streaming sites. So if you've watched it, tell us what you think about it! An extended version of this trailer is the one to be premiering in the VMAs as reported by MTV.

Summit Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the rights to the Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town documentary and will be included in the New Moon DVD. Read the press release c/o Twilight Lexicon.

Ashley Greene talks to MTV on the possibility of making a Breaking Dawn film in this interview.

Radar Online has posted the second part of their interview with Chaske Spencer. He talks about getting close with the rest of the wolf pack, acting with Tinsel Korey, and other highlights on the New Moon set.


  1. dAngermagnet said...

    Soooooooo great.. mean, i'm definitely one of the biggest fan - well, obsessed fan i think's the word.. ;) but this one's much better, way way better that the first. No offense with Catherine, though. Chris is soooo awesome. Started counting on the days after seeing this teaser.. plus, their actings were all different too. Especially Kristen's. I felt pain, almost cried to be honest.. ** sighs ** Really can't wait for Nov 25th.. Btw, don't forget to tell us how we can buy the tickets for the premier, okay.. Thanks ! More power !

    here's the link:

  2. Jei said...

    I couldn't help myself so I watched the trailer. :D

    I have one question though. Maybe I'm wrong, but was the Volvo black?? Honestly, I don't care if they make it red, but... you know... I think it's part of Edward, the silver Volvo. Hmmm...

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