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News Round-Up: September 20, 2009

Personally, I love reading a Chris Weitz interview because (to me) he places much thought in his answers and you gain a lot of insight on the process of being a director. In his latest interview with Boxoffice.com, he shares more on New Moon, his frustrations with Golden Compass, and how he wouldn't be here if it weren't for vampires. Also, he explains the amount of shirtless-ness in the movie:
It's there in the script, and that's one for the ladies, really. Women have been objectified plenty in Hollywood films. And there's still sort of a chasteness to the objectification in Twilight and New Moon. One approaches it hopefully with a bit of tact—not just an exercise in beefcake peddling. You hope when you're shooting any kind of above-the-waist nudity that it suits the demand of the moment, it isn't just in there for the hell of it. That being said, I think we did come to Comic-Con with a lot of muscles and it was really fun to see the reaction to it. I've tried to make films that take into account the female members of the audience. Even American Pie, which comes from a genre that is notoriously misogynist.
Don't you just love him now? Read more here.

From director CW, to screenwriter MR... that would be Melissa Rosenberg, who chastises in an interview with Marc Malkin over on E!:
"They were beautifully cast for those roles and their chemistry is amazing. I think people often confuse chemistry onscreen with chemistry offscreen. I think people should just enjoy what's onscreen and leave their privates lives wherever they are... I don't actually know what they are."
This is regarding Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But let's not go there. Read the article for the tidbits she gives on New Moon, Riley's character beef-up in Eclipse and the undecided fate of a Breaking Dawn movie!

Anna Kendrick also talks New Moon over on MTV.com. They played around with their human characters, apparently, but as long as the vamps aren't touched that's alright, right? (That's what she hopes.)

Barnes and Noble already has the 2010 New Moon calendar up for sale. Doubt it'll make the rounds locally, so if you have any relatives or close personal friends in the U.S., maybe you can ask it for a Christmas gift. :P

Something interesting from the Twilight Examiner: New Moon premiere (Nov. 16) will occur on a new moon!

Over on the Eclipse end, a fan has some shots of the Twilight vehicles (that are almost as popular as the actors that drive them) parked near "Jacob's house". See them here. [Oh hello Edward's DARK-GREY/SILVER-THAT-ALMOST-LOOKS-BLACK Volvo SUV! - minamic]

If you want to be updated on what's shooting in Eclipse, why not get the info straight from the involved? One reason to love director David Slade, you don't need to stalk the set to know what's happening, and it's still spoiler-free!
Yesterday Taylor had to carry Kristen for several hours, he held it together - hope he can lift his arms today. Rain dumped on us all day. Worked w/entire Cullen family today. @peterfacinelli borrowed my camera, took my picture being strangled by Jackson, will upload later... Forrest again today, tomorrow we do wolf shots, saw some great wolf tests today, early stages developed from New Moon wolves.Yes we were shooting Bella and Jacob's kiss on the mountain, its really a grueling emotional thing to have to shoot over and over.
Others of the cast on Twitter: Peter Facinelli, Jodelle Ferland, Gil Birmingham, and Billy Burke. (Also, follow Sam Bradley!)

Let's end this round-up with a tweet from "Daddy Carlisle" (Peter Facinelli) that threw the internet into twilighter chaos this week:
Thanks a million. Here's Rob... Hi, it's Rob... My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it.
Rob or not, it's still sweet of Peter to think of us. :)


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