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The Danag Podcast

Now Online:
Episode 25: We do not care what you did, Carlisle, but we have been waiting a millenium...to La Push you into the crevasse!

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Danag Podcast Episode 18 Now Online!

It's a special treat for this episode because the admins get to interview "Never Think" co-writer, Sam Bradley! :D

Episode 18 - Don't arrest us, Charlie Swan, we just gave Sam Bradley a barrel man

In which:
- We interview
Sam Bradley!
- Clair de Lune was starstruck and is now a goner.
- Mabelle proved she's probably the most composed (and brave) person among the hosts.
- Minami was very disciplined and stopped herself from cussing when Sam sang during the interview. (LOL)
- We gave Sam 2 gifts -- one you'll hear about as we gave it to him; the other is the Barrel Man. (No, we won't reveal what happened when we gave
that, but it was a riot!)

This is a recording of our exclusive live interview with Sam Bradley; it's mostly raw audio except for content edits (for sections that were "off-the-record"). We apologize for any volume inconsistencies.

Click here to view our download links and show notes!


  1. Nacee said...

    (No, we won't reveal what happened when we gave that, but it was a riot!)

    aww c'mon!! how could you!! LOL :))

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Errr... we can't because, though it was a riot... it might cause a riot. LOL

  3. Jacke said...

    What can we bribe you CdL to tell us what happened? =))

  4. Clair de Lune said...

    JACKE: Go to the Episode 18 page of the Danag blog to find out the answer. :)

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