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New Moon Soundtrack Out on October 16!

Please do not repost this entry, just kindly link back to us. Thanks!

UPDATE (10/15, 2:35PM): The soundtrack retails for Php450.

Warner Music Philippines
has announced that the New Moon movie soundtrack will be available locally on October 16, to coincide with the change in release date in the US. Stocks will first be available in Odyssey stores. Warner also advised us to keep the receipt when you buy the soundtrack (we do not know why yet, but we suspect that there's a promo involved).

You can also listen to the soundtrack by accessing the Twilight Saga soundtrack MySpace page. If you are in Facebook, join this group made by Warner dedicated to the New Moon soundtrack in the Philippines.

Thanks to Ms. Haze of Warner Music Philippines for the info.


  1. Honey said...

    ohhhh c'mon! tomorrow? The God is on our side all the time :P I might use my lunchbreak tomorrow to go to the mall hehe. Thanks TCP! Great! =)

  2. minamic said...


    Yep. :) We were already aware of the international change of release date but weren't sure if it was applicable to us, until Warner Music informed us that it is. It's great! Hope they'll have a good stock of the CDs tomorrow.

  3. maria said...

    thanks for the info. if it is really available tomorrow, we'll definitely get one :)

  4. Anonymous said...

    how big is the poster?

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