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Sam Bradley, Live in the Philippines: Concert Tour Schedule

As promised, here's the schedule of Sam Bradley's shows:

Press Conference at the Atrium of The Podium, October 7, 4PM. If you're not a member of the press, you can still watch the conference outside the cordoned area since the mall is pretty much open. We hope to see you Twilighters there; please come out to support Sam! :)

SM Megamall on October 9 (Friday), 4PM

SM Mall of Asia on October 10 (Saturday), 6PM

The Podium on October 11 (Sunday), 4PM

SM Clark on October 14 (Wednesday), 5PM

SM Southmall on October 15 (Thursday), 5PM

SM Cebu on October 16 (Friday), 5PM

SM Fairview on October 17 (Saturday), 5PM

SM Sta. Rosa on October 18 (Sunday), 5PM
There will be a Meet and Greet after each show. We've been told that SM will give out postcards to the first 50 people in the concert venues that you can have signed; we'll post more details on that when we have them.

TCP will be at most of the Metro Manila shows. If you come to the show, please approach us! We'll be wearing TCP button pins. See you there!


  1. bea said...

    YEY! Thanks so much for posting the times!:) Any of you showing up at Southmall? :D Are those 50 people the only ones who can get pictures taken with him?:)

  2. dazzled said...

    Thanks so much for the update! Guess I'm just gonna have to be there super early. Wanna get one of those postcards!

    Anybody going to SM Cebu? Don't have anybody going with me yet. Hope I don't get lost...lolz! ;p

  3. symbalim said...

    hi. where in MOA po? i mean saan po xa doon mag"coconcert"? hehe..:D

  4. Leahfe said...

    -hi bea i hope i'll see on thursday..
    Mag isa lng kasi ako..
    - i hope I'll see you sa SM Southmall...
    hindi ko kayo nakita sa MOA..
    I mean, wla akong nkitang naka TCP button pins eehh..
    I was so excited pa naman to meet you...

  5. Anonymous said...

    i'm going to the sm cebu concert. does anybody know where to get tickets?

  6. Clair de Lune said...

    ANONYMOUS: The concert is free, no need for tickets, just show up at the venue. :) Hey, are you willing to be a correspondent for us during the Cebu performance? We really need someone to cover the event for us. If you're willing to, please send us an email: twilightcoven(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. dazzled said...

    Clair de Lune, what does being a TCP correspondent entail? Just filming of the gig & stuff? I'm going to the one in Cebu eh..=)

  8. Clair de Lune said...

    DAZZLED: Yup! We need someone to take videos and photos. That's pretty much it, actually. :D :D :D

  9. dazzled said...

    Cool! I can do that, send you vids & photos. But I think I'll only be able to do so on Sat afternoon pa, when I get back in Bacolod. Won't be bringing a laptop kasi eh..if you guys are okay with that, I'm up for the job. =D

  10. Clair de Lune said...

    DAZZLED: Thank you! Please email us, twilightcoven(at)gmail(dot)com so we can give you further instructions. :)

  11. maiibeLLa said...

    hey! i'm from cebu, and i'm gonna watch his concert, anyone else coming???

  12. dazzled said...

    Heya MaiibeLLa! I'm going to the one in Cebu too! Are you going by yourself? Cos I am...maybe we could meet up? Hehe..I'm not from there kasi eh..;p

  13. Danielle said...

    Went to the Sam Bradley show in cebu! First to meet and greet him ;) Got pix and vids over here :D

  14. Danielle said...

    He renamed "Sea Blue" to "Cebu" here in the cebu show ;)

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