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TCP New Moon Block Screening Ticket Reservations Now Closed

Fellow Twilighters,

We are now closing reservations for tickets to the TCP New Moon Block Screening. As it stands, we have requests for 100 tickets on the Wait List, and we're sure that not all of them can be accommodated. We're very very disappointed that we can't accommodate everyone - it really is kinda heartbreaking for us because we want everyone to be able to join. We did our best to do some last minute maneuvering by trying to book a bigger cinema, but you know how it is when it's Twilight season - the cinemas are all booked.

We didn't expect the overwhelming response to this project - all tickets reserved within 17 hours! - and we honestly were a bit conservative with our estimates because we don't have any financial sponsors for this event, and if we don't sell all the tickets, we'd end up paying for them. So we decided to book a smaller theater and hope for the best. You all exceeded our expectations and we're truly thankful. Don't worry, we learned our lesson; expect something bigger next year for Eclipse! :)

Thanks to everyone who reserved tickets. We look forward to meeting you all during the claiming dates.

Daene, Mabelle, Clair de Lune and Minami
TCP Administrators


  1. Leahfe said...

    I hope I am included...

  2. jovanni said...

    I hope you can still post other possible reservation of tickets in other malls since I missed the current reservation for your block screening.

  3. resident_nutty said...

    @jovanni Ayala and SM are already pre-selling tickets to New Moon so you can reserve there

  4. maria said...

    Congratulations Daene, Mabelle, Clair de Lune and Minami for a job well done! Don't be disappointed. As you said, Eclipse is fast approaching... :)

  5. Tash said...

    I didn't know about this til now. ):

  6. elida said...

    you can still avail tickets in waltermart makati cinema...

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