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TCP on "Unang Hirit" - 28 October 2009

Two of our admins, Mabelle and Minami, were on the GMA-7 early morning show, Unang Hirit, this morning to talk about Twilight collectibles:

Video courtesy of Claire

Special thanks to Claire and Rome for lending us items from their collections.


  1. twitter.com/gracielou105 said...

    good job girls. :D Ang kulet ni Suzy in fairness tlagang prinomote niya :D

    Grabeh. Nakakainggit yung ibang items. Naalala ko tuloy yung twilight collection ko. D*** you Ondoy! Rar! Haha.. Pero in fairness yung candies hindi nabasa. And I spent the whole night blow drying the twilight movie companion, directors notebook etc... haaay.
    A lot of my stuff came from Borders sa states pa naman. :(

    Pero like I mentioned sa forum..may silver lining naman..since some relatives have even offered to help me out in rebuilding my collection. :P

    More power to TCP... sana more guestings.. :D yiheeee...

  2. Anonymous said...

    wow cool guys! :) did they also feature the engagement ring as part of the wearable collectibles? ^^ would have loved to let you borrow mine :)

  3. schuyler said...

    Buti nlang someone posted this else I wouldn't be able to watch it. Hey did you guys know na they will show Twilight on Star Movies in November?

  4. Gabriel said...

    napanood co to yesterday e. i'm very happy na official Twilight group na ang Twilight Coven Philippines here in our country. kinoconsider na siya ng media about Twilight things.

    Sana marami pa kayong guestings!

  5. maria said...

    you are commendable girls... New Moon is fast approaching... yay!!! :)

  6. jec said...

    wow super inggit!
    wish I have relatives or friends sa state too.
    available pakaya ung mga yan 10years from now pag may trabaho na ako?

  7. merylcullen said...

    wow! that is awesome you guys!
    I think that is one of the most interesting things that Unang Hirit had covered!

    you go admins!!!!

  8. RobStenation said...

    Saw you guys on the morning show. I didnt realize we have a local coven here. I am impressed:)

    More power guys!

    I have a RobSten dedicated site. Check it out sometime,


  9. Anonymous said...

    wow updated sila. they played 'meet me on the equinox' na. unlike snn na laging 'decode' ang background music. haha

  10. Patsy said...


  11. minamic said...

    Thanks everyone for the comments! :) And I wish the entirety of that collection were mine, but we have to credit the addiction of Rome and Claire for the stuff. LOL.


    Oh no. I feel for you. :( But at least you have loving relatives. :)


    We didn't know anyone with the ring, so it wasn't in the collection. Thanks for the offer though. :) Baka valuable pa yan, nakakatakot ipahiram. :P


    I just saw Star Movies' ad for that. Robert sounded... odd... but thanks for the info. :)

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