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More promos: New Moon posters and Advance Screening Tickets

If you aren't following us on Twitter, here are a couple of promos we Tweeted about recently:

If you buy a New Moon action figure from Toy Kingdom, you get a New Moon tarp poster while supplies last.

Also, Astroplus is selling tickets to the Advance Screening of New Moon on November 19th at SM Megamall. Tickets are priced at Php350.00, and comes with a free poster and calendar. We're not sure if all Astroplus branches have this, but the Megamall branch has them for sure.


  1. Leigh said...

    WOW!!! Is this for real??!!!
    Dang!!! Im super excited...
    I'll go to SM Megamall tonight!!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    ung calendar ba eh new moon inspired?

  3. jaja said...

    for real????
    do you have a pic of a calendar????
    and the poster??? i will be checking tomorrow!!!!

  4. Clair de Lune said...

    Once again, we don't post stuff that are not "for real". :P Yes, Astroplus is selling them. But you might want to call them first to check if there are still tickets available.

    We don't have a pic of the calendar, sorry. And we're not sure if it's New Moon-related. It most likely is, though.

  5. rakeback said...

    I think New Moon will definitely become a bigger hit than Twilight because there is so much hype around this movie and the new-found stardom of Stewart and Pattinson, whereas the original movie didn't have any hype going into it.

  6. Jei said...

    Astroplus MOA also sells the tickets. :)

  7. minamic said...

    re: the Toy Kingdom tarp. we're not sure if they printed the same photos for the tarp, because i got a different one from Mabelle's.

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