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New Moon: From Book to Movie Promo (Fully Booked)

UPDATE (11/5, 4:18PM): Only 10 tickets are available for each branch, hence 5 winners w/ 2 tickets each. (Thanks wolffia for the info)

UPDATE (11/5, 11:36AM):
The tickets for each Fully Booked branch are LIMITED, and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis only. (Thanks Echo for the info)

Fully Booked
has a promo wherein you are entitled to two tickets to the advanced screening of New Moon if you buy at least Php1,000 worth of New Moon books and collectibles in a single receipt from their Fully Booked Manila branches. This promo will only be available from November 5-18, 2009. The advanced screening is on November 19 at Shangri-la Mall Cinema. Click here for more information.

Thanks Xin for the info.


  1. Honey said...

    aww tempting...

  2. maria said...

    yeah... but i don't want to spoil the excitement. I'll reserved it to TCP's blocked screening... LOL

  3. wolffia said...

    just got my 2 advanced screening tickets for New Moon from Fully Booked Promenade! it'll be on the 19th at 7:30pm Shangrila Mall Cinema 4. TIP: Each Fully Booked branch has only 10 tickets each to giveaway so HURRY!! they also said it's free seating.

  4. rob0226 said...

    no thanks, but i'd rather watch it on the 20th for the TCP block screening. will be claiming my tickets on sat. :)

  5. gracielou105 said...

    i got na! weeeee! buti nalang di pa kasi ako nakabili nung tie in paperback...yung movie companion I bought for a friend.. so naka buo ako nang 1000++ receipt! weeeee!

    I can't believe it! im watching the premiere! Di ako makatulog when I heard about this promo... tempting...thus... hahaha

  6. MissMilcah37 said...

    They're all out at MOA na. =[ Tried there earlier.

  7. Rissa Magno said...

    How do I join TCP? I had fun at the New Moon discussion at Powerbooks last Saturday. I want to be part of many Twilight related events. :)

  8. Twilight Coven Philippines said...

    @rissa you can be a member by joining us at the forum, our official TCP members should be part of it :)

    we're happy that you had fun yesterday! we also had fun, just browse the site (especially the right sidebar of the site) to view other TCP events :D

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