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Modess 'New Moon' Promo

Modess has a promo that gives you a chance to win tickets to the regular showing of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on November 20, 2009. Just register in their site and let them know if you're Team Edward or Team Jacob for a chance to win.

Just click on the image for more info.


  1. cleotie said...

    OMG! I just won 4 tickets from this promo! :D Am so happy. Thanks for the info TCP! =)

  2. Leahfe said...

    wow!! congrats cleotie..
    Until now, im trying my luck..

  3. riza said...

    hi im riza palomar from antipolo ..i dont know how to join the promo,,,please help me

  4. kyrish said...

    hey, will they send you an email? :)

  5. Anonymous said...

    i can't register on the site, i clicked submit and it just tells that it is registering but it doesn't load. :((

  6. murzinc said...

    @Anonymous: Did you enter your complete details in the "Online Registration Form" page? Hmmm..it worked for me. Just make sure you put in all your info and then click Submit. Good luck!

  7. Anonymous said...

    yes I filled up all the necessary info, even in the login page, when I tried to login (for the hopes that maybe the register page just didn't load up) it just says "Authenticating..." isn't it that it should've said something like "invalid username and password"? i tried this in three different computers and still no luck. It just doesn't load up :(

  8. chekeekay said...

    hello cleotie! hello pipol
    i won 4 tickets from this promo too. do you have any idea on how to claim the tickets?can we claim it an hour b4 9pm or something?can we also watch the movie on wikend instead of the said date coz i have a work on the said schedule.thank

  9. murzinc said...

    @Anonymous: I tried to register again and everything worked out fine at my end.:s A box should pop up and say "Registration Confirmed" and then you click Vote. You're right.. After typing in all your details, the load page flashes "Registering.." You have the right link, right? http://www.modessnewmoonpromo.com/
    I thought this promo would be a sure-win considering they're picking out, what, like 25 winners a day? But I haven't had any luck! Been trying since the start of this week. Multiple entries, at that. haha. For cleotie & chekeekay, how soon did you guys receive the confirmation email that you won? Was it the day itself?

  10. katie019 said...


    question lang po.. ngayon ko lang kse nabuksan ung email ko, nanalo pala ako dunsa new moon promo ng shirt!!! panu make-claim yun ng tapos na ung nov. 20? :( sayang kasi eh... thanks!

  11. Clair de Lune said...

    Uh... sorry, Katie, we don't work for Modess, so we wouldn't know. Siguro reply to the person who sent you the e-mail and ask?

  12. katie019 said...

    thank you for the reply clair! hehe i replied na to the person who sent me the email, i was just hoping na meron dito sa site nyo who is in the same predicament. :) anyways, im thankful i found your site, very useful for twilight updates! more power!

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