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  1. JenShinrai said...

    I've already watched it twice.

  2. gracielou105 said...

    sino yung mga everyday! grabeh ang yaman niyo hah! lol

    ako..every other lang siguro! nyahahha

  3. joie said...

    I know it would be a lot better than the Twilight movie adaptation because first, they change the director, it became what I expected it to be and better. I don't find Catherine H's views on Twilight, too cheesy. New Moon's scenes and dialogues are way better although the vampire make up creeps me a little bit, too pastry than before (although RPattz pulled it through:) I hope Eclipse is great too,come June 2010 already....

  4. minamic said...

    I've watched it 4x already. :D I wanna watch it again. It's more fun if I do so with fellow Twi-peeps though.

  5. rob0226 said...

    i've already watched it thrice. solo flight nga lang coz wala akong makasama eh. ako lang kasi adik sa twilight among my friends eh. =)

  6. gracielou105 said...

    so far i've watched it with 4 times with different sets of friends...im already running out of people to watch it with.. lol

    Actually im gonna try flying solo tonight for my 5th! nyahaha!

  7. purple cookie =) said...

    ako 4x pa lang.hihi.i've wtched it na both with family and friends.and nuubusan n rin ako ng pera.lol.

    i think new moon is better than twilight,kaso i'm disappointed lang na konte ang exposure ng Cullen family.ahehe

  8. Anonymous said...

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