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News Round-Up: 06 November 2009

Examiner.com now has the full track list of the score for The Twilight Saga: New Moon from Alexandre Desplat. I guess there's not much guessing here on where most of the tracks will play out based on the titles [we surely had fun hashing the first score over at Danag Ep. 5 - mabelletaka]. Continue to check the site in terms of local availability.

The press pre-screening for The Twilight Saga: New Moon is already over and here's what most of the attendees have tweeted about it (c/o Twilight Lexicon):
“I was very impressed not only by the visual effects and the movie, but by the acting itself. Chris Weitz is bad ass.”

“Just saw New Moon. Better than Twilight and crowd just applauded at end. Leaves on a soap opera sting….”

“I’m not allowed to say anything! But be sure to follow me tomorrow at @celebuzz – Big day for RPattz news!”

“I enjoyed it more than Twilight, lot of frenching! RT @mytwitherapy: @JasonKennedy1 so….how was the new moon press screening?!?!? :-) ”

“@shaunssanctuary just came frm seeing NM.I guess it’s every girl’s dream to have a vampire & werewolf fighting over her!”

“One word: amazing! I was very impressed all around – visuals were stunning. The underwater scene..le sigh. And Summit was fabulous!!”

“ @LarryCarroll: “New Moon” was genuinely awesome. A lot of people are about to be very happy.”
You can also catch the New Moon cast as they embark on their full-swing promotional legs in their various TV appearances. Here's a list of their US schedule from JustJared. Be sure to check the site in terms of local showing schedule.

Fear.net compiled three of the New Moon clips that have been released the past few days. These contain the extended Bella birthday scene, a BellaxJacob scene, and a featurette on the Volturi. They also posted an interview with Melissa Rosenberg talking about her favorite scenes in New Moon along with writing the proposal scene.

If you're done ogling over the pictures over at Harper's Bazaar (I can still hear the squeeing), here's a glimpse of its upcoming article on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in that issue from Extra TV and a feature on these two actors from Harper's Bazaar.

MTV asks the New Moon cast various fan questions sent over to them. Check out the following: Q&A with Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed; Q&A with Kellan Lutz, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Edi Gathegi; and one last Q&A with Kellan Lutz, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Billy Burke.

ReelzChannel has a rundown of the new faces that you will see in the upcoming Eclipse movie.


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