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News Round-Up: November 2, 2009

It's November! With only weeks away 'til the premiere of New Moon, the cast is now in the middle of promotions... beginning with Taylor and Kristen in Brazil, and Robert and Chris Weitz in Japan. News and pictures on the links below:


Kristen and Taylor in Brazil:
Twilight Gossip
Judao MTV Brazil. Translation on Twilight Poison here.
Twilight Poison also has links and translations to other articles covering KStew and Taylor in Brazil here and here. As well as a translation of their interview with OK Mexico here. (And one with RPattz in Cinemania here!)

Rob and Chris Weitz in Japan:

No interviews have popped up on Rob and CW yet, because their press conference, as I understand it, will be on November 3.

MTV's Halloween special featured the Twilight cast plus a sneak peek of the birthday scene in all its exaggerated papercut glory. Click here for the Ulalume page which includes videos to New Moon cast interviews, the Bella Cullen Project, and a performance by Paramore.

Also on MTV: Nikki Reed says wolves bring warmth to the new film. And New Moon stars answer your questions.

Two features on the LA Times: One discusses Summit's future and its capitalizing on the huge success of Twilight. The other is a short article on Michael Sheen.

Lastly, Robert Pattinson will be on the cover of Vanity Fair's December issue. A preview of the accompanying article on the Vanity Fair website here. Outtakes from the photoshoot here. [Sorry girls, I know we try to cover just mostly Twilight-centric stuff on the blog, but I couldn't resist. I mean... wow. Just... wow. -minamic]

Vanity Fair also has interviews with the rest of the cast here.


  1. Jacke said...

    Nakakaloka naman ang mga promotion and convention na nangyayari! May pumunta ba ng Japan???

    Minamic, EQ got yah! ahahahaha My oh my, another magazine for my pile of magazines here.

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    MINAMI: Ahahaha! That's okay. It's worthwhile and major Twilight Cast news naman... we just don't like the weird stalkery and gossipy stuff. :D And you know I'm not a Rob fan, but I'll say this VF photoshoot is awesome!

  3. jec said...

    So that explain why tcp has limited news. because almost all the news surrounding twilight are gossip and paparazzi thing. well good for you admins. oh btw, while you were waiting for vanity fair why wont you try the new issue of candy mag where in they feature kstew and rob with free new moon sticker and another special edition issue with kstew and taylor especially released for new moon. (both are in the same month).

  4. minamic said...


    thanks! :D actually, i already bought my candy mag... i didn't see the special new moon ish though when i bought the one with kstew and rpattz on the cover. have to scout around for that one!

  5. jec said...

    @minamic I am looking for one too. havent seen it in the mag with kstew and rpattz? it is there.

    I think they havent released it yet.

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