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News Round-Up: November 9, 2009 (New Moon press junkets)

So the New Moon press junkets just happened over the weekend. I'm going to try to backtrack for a bit and keep up with everything...

[Note: I'm going to update this post with links to other articles--there are some entertainment news sites that haven't released all of their content yet--so check back often! I'll be placing an asterisk next to newly added entries from the junket. :) - minamic]

Photos from the Press Conference:
Kristen Stewart on kstewartfan.org
Robert Pattinson on Mr. Pattinson.com

On Collider.com:
Studio-provided Onset Interviews
Part 1 - Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
Part 2 - Stephenie Meyer, Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Ashley Greene, Director Chris Weitz
Transcripts from the press conference
Kristen Stewart --- Robert Pattinson --- Taylor Lautner
Volturi (Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell Bower)

Collider also posted the B-Roll NM Behind the Scenes Footage and 3 Movie Clips. If you want to protect your EQ, the movie clip titles are "Paper Cut", "Jacob's Transformation", and "Volturi Fight". These are also covered in the B-Roll, with a nice itty bitty peek at a Jasper and Alice moment during the birthday scene for fans of that pairing.

Chris Weitz mentioned that there will be 10 minutes of deleted scene footage on the NM DVD here.

On HitFix.com:
Quick bits from the NM TV Press Day with Rob, Kristen and Taylor here. Their transcript from Kristen Stewart's press conference here. How Taylor Lautner avoided recasting here. Robert Pattinson discusses his movie projects before Breaking Dawn here, and reveals that BD's tentative filming schedule is around fall of next year. Also, watch their video interview with RPattz where he compares New Moon and Eclipse.

Their gallery of pictures from the Hot Topic cast appearance in LA here.

Their video interview with Kristen is now up, where she discusses being at peace with superstardom, says no to comedies and also compares New Moon and Eclipse. See it here. *

On MTV.com:
Behind the scenes New Moon footage and interviews here. (They're basically the same set of onset interviews on Collider but segmented into particular topics.)

MTV covered the kickoff for the New Moon Hot Topic cast tour here, here and here. Watch the video where the cast answers the fans' questions! Highlights: The Twi-love trio introduce the rest of the cast. Kellan Lutz is a real crowd-pleaser and was wearing a Team Emmett shirt! (So cute!) All of them were asked what they would do if they had the night and Hollywood Boulevard to themselves--note: without that huge crowd in the way--and they gave pretty interesting answers... especially Jamie Campbell-Bower. (-wink winks at Ronald-)

Afterwards, check out their other video interviews--with Kellan, Nikki Reed, and Billy Burke--collected on the sidebar on the right.

More NM on the MTV front: what RPattz found when he googled himself, NM stars take over Cali Nordstrom, Anna Kendrick's mini-movie review and new stills from the film!

Five fun facts you didn't know about NM, like that Jake's house was really green and not red, and Chris Weitz's "orientation guide", are here. * Plus, behind the scenes photos from the press junket! *

On ETOnline:
Video interview with Robert Pattinson here.* (Or you can view it via Youtube!)
Video interview with Kristen Stewart here.* (On Youtube - ET and The Insider.)
Video interview with Taylor Lautner here.*

On AccessHollywood.com:
We posted some of the videos on separate entries on the blog, but here's a list of all the links so they're all in one place.
Robert Pattinson - Part 1 (On hiding from fans and his famous hair) - Part 2 (Werewolves are dorks) - Part 3 (On tabloid rumors)
Kristen Stewart - Part 1 (On Twimania and RPattz dating rumors) - Part 2 (On hot shirtless costars and marrying Robert vs. Taylor)
Taylor Lautner - Part 1 (On bulking up for New Moon) - Part 2 (Jacob is warmer than Edward) - Part 3 (Taylor on NM madness)
Wolf Pack... Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier - NM Werewolves Rip into Vampires
Cullens... Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz - Cullens Excited over New Moon plus their craziest fan moments *
Volturi... Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell-Bower - Volturi are dressed to kill *

Other interviews:
The Twilight Examiner posted their fan interview (done with admins from other fansites) with the humans, Justin Chon, Michael Welch, Anna Kendrick and Christian Serratos. Their account on the Hot Topic LA cast appearance was courtesy of the girls from RobstenLovers.

AP's video interview with RPattz, KStew and Taylor has been uploaded on Youtube.*

TimesOnlineUK's article on RPattz is titled "Trapped in the Twilight Zone".

NYTimes.com has a short article on Taylor titled "New Star Taylor Lautner Rises in New Moon". Check out ETOnline's video feature of Taylor's photoshoot for the December cover of Men's Health magazine!

HisGoldenEyes.com has an exclusive interview with Kristen Stewart. Lovin' how she describes Bella.
"Yeah, the only way that I can play Bella is if I could justify every decision that she made and stand behind it as well as, as much as she did. And the cool thing about New Moon is it is literally taking that and saying “No, sorry! Do you think you know something little girl? You know nothing!” And that’s the story, that’s why she – I mean people call Bella fickle all the time to me; people are always saying like “Oh, you know you’re playing a really immature girl that doesn’t know what she wants and she’s sort of in love with this mythical creature”. It’s like who are you talking to? This girl is willing to put herself through the most asinine – and so not selfish, with a really great perspective. You have to be a pretty strong natured person to do that. And then to, I think in New Moon she becomes sort of hardened and cynical because she’s been told that her whole world that she was willing to spend eternity in was just wrong. And the fact that she can from there, even in the same movie you believe that she’s of the mind to make a decision to go back from that. You have to believe that she’s lived enough and that she’s mature enough and knows herself well enough to make decisions like that. And I feel like in Twilight she doesn’t have that and in New Moon she gains that."


  1. gracielou105 said...

    wow! thanks for such an organized layout of the updates. ang hirap nya tlaga ibacktrack sa ibang sights! halo halo na kasi! yey! buti nandyan kayo! weeeee! :)

  2. minamic said...


    you're welcome! :D grabe, naloka din ako sa dami ng tabs na binuksan ko sa firefox. haha!

  3. Jacke said...

    Yey! Thanks!

    Grabe, I was on twitter when this junket happened and I cant keep track of what's happening! There are lots of fansites interview as well. Nagcrash nga FF ko sa dami ng tabs. ahaha Thanks for this one!

  4. rob0226 said...

    There's so much going on in Twi-world now that I don't know where to begin reading or watching vids. Buti na lang TCP posted links. Thanks!!

    Is it really 10 more days before New Moon? Yay!! :)

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