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Answers to some FAQs

We've been receiving many repetitive questions here and on Twitter about several topics. Instead of answering every single one of the same tweets and emails and comments, we're gonna take the time to address the frequently asked questions here. :)

Q. When is the New Moon DVD going to be released locally?
A. Pioneer Films says they're also aiming for a March release, same as the US. There are no definite details yet, though. Keep monitoring this site for updates.

Q: When will "Twilight: The Graphic Novel" be released locally?
A: In March as well, according to Hachette Book Group USA (Phils). But this will be highly dependent on whether the stores put in their orders on time, and whether their forwarders/shippers don't encounter any logistics problems.

Q: When will "Remember Me" be released locally?
A: As we said before, it's showing March 12th, and will be distributed locally by Pioneer Films. No, TCP isn't planning a Block Screening. :P

Q: What about "The Runaways" and "Welcome to the Riley's"?
A: Again, we already posted about this; we haven't got any information on who will be distributing these movies locally, if any. I didn't see these films in the line-ups of 3 big distributors that I personally work with. Don't worry, we haven't stopped asking around about these movies yet. We will let you know here and on Twitter/Plurk as soon as we have more information.

Q: When will "Eclipse" be released locally?
A: Pioneer Films has no final decision on that yet, but expect a date very close to or the same as the US release.

Q: Will "New Moon: The Score" be released locally?
A: We're not sure yet. We'll update this info as soon as we get an answer to the inquiry we already posted to the publishers. Warner Music Phils. says that "New Moon: The Score" is already available locally. Please let us know if you spot them in stores. In addition, we haven't seen the sheet music for the New Moon soundtrack around yet either. If you're looking for the sheet music for the Twilight soundtrack, they're available at Sound Essentials branches around Metro Manila and occasionally, at Fully Booked stores.


  1. symba lim said...

    bought Newmoon the sore @ Moa odyssey:)

  2. dazzled said...

    Many a thanks for the info admins!! =D

    I've been looking out for the New Moon score as well. I don't think we'll ever get them here in Bacolod. I had to buy the Twi score online. Anyone care to ship the NM one to me? Hehe..;p

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