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News Round-Up: February 16, 2010

Belated Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (And, ok, for those of you who celebrate, belated happy hearts day, too!)

If you haven't been on Twitter, you missed the excitement that was "Eclipse stills" popping up last weekend. (Robsten! Meadow scene! Hot kiss! LEG HITCH!!!) Unfortunately, we suspect they have been leaks--one minute they were up on the sites and then they were pulled down, plus David Slade just made some blank tweets, which may or may not be connected to that but who knows? *gulps*--which is why we won't be sharing them here. The powers-that-be have determined that it is too early for the Twilighters to rejoice. After all, those scenes might not even make the cut! (Noooo! LEG HITCH $%#@&!!!) But I'm sure scraps of the stills are floating, somewhere, out there, on the internet. So, next time, mind our Twitter board down there for the random squeeing. Hehe.

Anyhoooooo... news.

While we're waiting for details on the local New Moon DVD and for those of you who want one of the versions they make State-side, TwilighterzAnonymous has compiled a list of the others that will be coming out in the US and UK. They've got all kinds of nifty things packaged, too. Borders has the wolf pack and Cullen crests on a medallion. Barnes and Noble will have a free bag clip. Best Buy will have a cellphone skin. Target's has a 3rd disk of special features and a film cell. Walmart's Ultimate Fan Edition will be the only one in the US that will have a 7-minute sneak peek at Eclipse. Amazon's is just... well, normal. Oh, decisions, decisions. Clickie to see their New Moon DVD Guide.

Of course, if you have relatives in the UK, it's just been reported that their DVDs will have the same Twilight Saga: Eclipse sneak peek as Walmart's, so that might be another option. Content info is listed here.

What else have we missed?

Kristen Stewart
and Anna Kendrick looking very pretty and showing the world that girls rock on Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue.

And Robert Pattinson's somewhat controversial feature and photoshoot with Details magazine. Pictures you find may not be NSFW or folks-under-18, but otherwise, the interview is cool. We see Rob being candid, or at least, more candid than usual without crossing boundaries. A summary of it can be found here, although that article is more a chastisement of John Mayer than anything.


  1. rob0226 said...

    omg!!! i've seen the eclipse stills and wow, edward and bella are really getting it on!! hehe... rob and kristen's chemistry is definitely hot, hot, hot!!! can't wait for eclipse!!!

  2. sedie lewis said...

    the musical score is now available at odyssey stores...weeeeeeee....

  3. Anonymous said...

    i heard that the eclipse trailer will debut on march 12 in theaters (because of Remember Me) and online as well. is this the same for the Philippines?

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