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New Moon Philippine DVD Release Out MARCH 25, 2010

UPDATE 03-02-10:
The promo mentioned below applies to all Astrovision, Astroplus, Odyssey and O music stores nationwide. A few select branches of Video City will probably have it. It starts March 1. To clarify, when you pre-order and pay P100 advanced deposit, you get to "Pick-a-Prize". The prizes are random and limited. People who don't pre-order will also get to "Pick-a-Prize" but only IF the branch still has stock of the promo items they were given.

Other stores that sell video, such as Fully Booked and National Bookstore, will also have the New Moon DVD for sale but won't have the promo.

We were reassured that the DVD will have all the features similar to the UK release and will be complete with subtitles.

Thank you again to Mrs. Karla Yuloque of Pioneer Films for entertaining our queries. :)


We finally have more info regarding the content of the local New Moon DVD. It'll be available in all major video shops and record bars nationwide for

The Twilight Saga New Moon DVD (2-Disc Special Edition) will have special added features including "an exclusive sneak peek of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, a revealing Audio Commentary with Director Chris Weitz and Editor Peter Lambert, a riveting 6-Part Documentary that takes you behind the scenes. [You get to] choose your side in Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: The Ultimate Triangle, capture Edward and Bella's steamy kissing scene in Edward Goes to Italy, watch Music Videos and more!"

[There is a promo with the release. "Pre-order now by depositing Php 100.00 and get New Moon T-shirt, mousepad, poster, or other collectible item as you claim DVD on release date. Promo Duration: Limited offer. Promo ends while supplies last." There's also, I'm assuming, a separate "Pick-a-Prize" for maybe when you don't pre-order? We're a bit fuzzy with these details at the moment, including the retailer inclusion. We'll try to confirm this first. -minamic]

Below are the specific product information sent to us by Pioneer Films.
Thank you to Mrs. Karla Yuloque for the material.

Release Date: March 25, 2010
All AstroVision, AstroPlus, Odyssey, Video City, and SM Record Bars
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround
Language: English
Subtitle: English (SDH)

Disc 1: Feature (running over 130 minutes) - Widescreen
  • With optional special feature of the revealing Audio Commentary with Director Chris Weitz and Peter Lambert.
  • Exclusive sneak peek at “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”
  • 18 Chapter Selection Menu
Disc 2: Special Bonus Features (over 2 hours of additional content) - Widescreen

  • · A riveting 6-Part Documentary on the making of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” that takes you behind the scenes like:

o Life after “Twilight”

o Chris Weitz takes the helm

o The Subtle details

o A look at production

o It’s not magic

o Ready for the world

  • The battle begins that lets you choose your side in Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: The Ultimate Love Triangle
  • An opportunity to get to know other wolves in Introducing the Wolf Pack
  • An intimate journey with Taylor Lautner in Becoming Jacob
  • Shirtless shots of Robert Pattison including the steamy kissing with Kristen Stewart in Edward Goes to Italy
  • Jacob Fast Forward
  • Edward Fast Forward
  • Deleted scenes
  • Meet Christopher Heyerdahl aka Marcus of the Volturi in Interview with Volturi
  • See how fans reacted in Fandemonium
  • Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen
  • The music of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”: The Beat Goes On
  • Music videos of Death Cab for Cutie and Anya Marina including behind the scenes rehearsal of “I Belong to You” by Muse


  1. Anonymous said...

    Coolness! Thanks for the info! Do we pre-order online or at the specific store we're getting it na lang? =)

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    There's no online ordering for this. Try to reserve at your nearest video/record bar. :)

  3. myeth said...

    waaaahhh!!! it seems a trip to the mall is a must today. thanks for the info!!! ^__^

  4. Ella said...

    Do you have any info on the Blu-Ray version? :)

  5. bea said...

    Sana naman meron na talagang audio commentary this time!:)

    Naeexcite na ako:) thanks for the update!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous said...

    ano mas maganda and mas sulit? This one in the phillipines or the version from target.com?

  7. kymishcullen said...

    ooohhh!!!! which stores are giving away those t-shirts and other freebies???!!!!! i went to look for promotional stuffs at the mall yesterday ngaun lang pala xa lalabas XD

    thanks for the update tcp and pioneer!!! you guys are awesome!!!

  8. jec said...

    wait san may promo?
    anung branch? anung store?
    sure bang 100 lng ang down payment?
    *scream like a fan girl
    *slap own face

    sorry naexcite lng
    i want this so much
    New moon tshirt and collectibles and all

  9. conversible said...

    may "OR" dun sa freebies so we only get to get one? hmmmm kinda bummer.. oh well at least meron!

    hopefully this time pioneer won't disappoint. VIVA's DVD release was really a downer. heading to the mall in a bit to go and deposit. thanks tcp!

  10. tacK said...

    hi! sure na kaya na merong english subs? i'm deaf, so I want to make sure 1st.. thanks!

  11. Clair de Lune said...

    TACK: Pioneer assured us that there are English subtitles. However, to be sure, maybe you can wait until someone you know bought a copy already, or wait for us to post a review. :) At least your money won't be wasted. :)

  12. wenicullen said...

    Hi guys just want to tell you that I wasn't able to reserve my copy of the NM DVD. I went to SM San Lazaro (closest mall to our house) knina, Astroplus and Video City said that Pioneer didn't tell them when the DVD would be coming out so wala png reservations. Which is really confusing...mas updated p tau sknila.Hahaha.But Video City asked for my number, so that they will inform me na lng dw kung pwede n mgpreserve.

    Anyhoo..If anyone knows any info about video/record bars that is now open for the reservation. Do share=)

  13. minamic said...


    we're still trying to confirm some things with pioneer, that includes when we can start with reservations/pre-ordering.

    we'll let you know when we have the info. :) we really get the details firsthand because we go straight to the source. the stores, especially the salespeople, usually don't have any idea until the day itself or a few days before. but it's good practice for them to ask for your number so they can keep you informed. :)

  14. dazzled said...

    Hey guys! I'm happy to report that I was able to pre-order a copy from Astrovision here in Bacolod. The staff seemed to be very updated about everything, the release date plus the freebies. Hope you all will be able to pre-order yours as well asap...=)

  15. Liam said...

    Reserved my New Moon 2-disc DVD in Astrovision Trinoma. Freebies will be available daw upon claiming on the 25th. Astroplus/Astrovision North Edsa are also accepting reservations.

  16. jec said...


    really wla pa sa san lazaro
    dun din ako malapit eh
    naku naman mapapalayo pa tayo
    kainis talaga yang mall na yan
    buti pa sa bacolod meron na

  17. wenicullen said...


    Oo nga ehh mejo nkkainis nga..mlpit kc yun sa house ko at work. I was supposed to go to Trinoma, but decided against it kc mas malapit SM San Lazaro. Buti pa sa Bacolod meron na.

    Haiz...Now I have no choice but to go to Trinoma.Bummer tlga.

  18. wheng09 said...

    W-O-W mak2log pa kYa aq ne2 ngaun kkacHeck q lng d2 sa Twilight Coven and informing me that the new moon dvd will be available for pre-order and have choice in freebies??? thanks so much for that info gotta check out all record bars in sm mega ^_^ im sooo excited!!! yipeee ^^

  19. capucine said...

    So this is the UK version minus "Fan Event Q&A with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz – Content Exclusive for the UK"?

  20. jec said...


    ako din malapit din sa house at school ko yun kaya mas madali sanang magpareserve. I'll pick it up sana after my graduation (march 25 is the exact day of my highschool grad)

    badtrip mapapalayo pa ako oh. Pupunta lng ako ng Trinoma para magpareserve ng DVD?. wow ha. mas mahal pa pamasahe ko kesa sa ipapareserve ko.

    sa SM Manila kaya meron?

  21. wenicullen said...


    nku..no idea kung meron s sm manila, dpat dun aq ppnta knina kso ngdecide na lng aq n pmnta s trinoma, kc meron n dun. Aun nk-pgpreserve na din s wkas. Pro xempre s 25 nku...hassle kc mpplau p..haay..

    anyhoo..congrats!!!happy graduation!!!

  22. jec said...


    thank you!
    nagpatry ako sa ate ko na magpahanap sa robinsons sana meron na dun

  23. capucine said...

    Reserved a copy of the DVD @ Odyssey, Park Square, Makati (beside Glorietta). Yay!!!

  24. jec said...

    reserve mine at robinsons ermita
    and I am the first!

  25. thansher01 said...

    fyi po, Astrovision: Robinson's Galleria branch is also accepting pre-order of the New Moon DVD. they require an advance deposit of Php200if you wish to reserve a copy of the DVD..

    Contact numbers:
    > Astrovision (Robinsons Galleria) -636-3173

    Twilight rules!

  26. justine_marie19 said...

    hello..just wanna ask if may freebies prin bng ipmimigay ang Astroplus -SM Baguio at Odyssey-Dagupan kung bbili ako ng New moon dvd on the 25th of march?or do i still have to pre-order it to get the freebies?..

  27. Clair de Lune said...

    JUSTINE: The branches you mentioned SHOULD have the freebies as well. Pioneer told us this is a nationwide promo. It's better to pre-order, since they will accommodate pre-orders for the Pick-a-Prize first before walk-in purchases. "Offer good while supplies last" and all that. ;)

  28. justine_marie19 said...

    hello..just wanna ask if may freebies bng ibbgay ang Astroplus-SM Baguio at Odyssey-Dagupan if i'll buy the new moon Dvd on the 25th of march?or do i still have to pre-order it and make P100 downpayment to get freebies?

  29. Leahfe said...

    Hey Everyon!! I just got my New Moon DVD!! Last night I received a txt from Odyssey MOA na available na ung New Moon DVD!! Kaya pag bukas na pagbukas ng MOA i went straight ahead to Odyssey!! I got a New Moon poster... mas gusto ko sana t-shirt pero un nabunot ko eehh... hehehe...

  30. jec said...

    satingin ko nga puro poster lng siya
    wla kasi akong nakitang ibang freebie kundi posters
    I want the tshirt din

  31. wheng09 said...

    just got mine too pagka-open pa lng ng SM Mega lols... all i can say about the Local New Moon DvD is, "this is so much better compared to Twilight DvD last yr from Viva" first no local commerxals, if you watch the documentary about filming this movie all you can think of is W-O-W very AMAZING! from the director stuff crew whatever or whoever it was they were all AMAZING for doing this and make it WOW! but of corz the celebrity were Great too! glad to have New Moon Dvd!!! loved it!

  32. SMSouthmall said...

    ITS TRUE ! NEW MOON DVD is NOW AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE !!! I saw them at SM Southmall Astrovision and maraming naka-display na stocks! It comes with the promo pa rin as of nung pumunta ako today. BTW, kung dun kayo bibili, Astrovision was relocated at the front of Tokyo Tokyo restaurant malapit sa Ace Hardware. Nirelocate lahat ng stores dun sa part ng Toy Kingdom eh, di ko lang alam kung anung gagawin dun sa part na yun. Well, basta NEW MOON DVD is out on the market already! at 750Php cguradong you'll love it talaga! :)

  33. Heroin said...

    Just bought my DVD!!! Gonna watch it later...

    I can't believe that it's out in the market already... I thought it would be out on March 25 pa... I'm so glad that I came to pass by Video City @ SM Manila... However, I bought mine at Astroplus 'coz Video City only gives Jacob with the wolf pack poster and I want a poster with Edward... so I went to Astroplus and persuaded/requested the saleslady to give me a poster of Edward instead of the shirt and the mousepad 'coz I have those already...=^-^=

  34. icykeira said...

    hi, could anyone help me?
    i bought my new moon dvd yesterday at ASTROPLUS SM MARILAO.. i've tried to watch it this morning but my player says it's a WRONG REGION.. does it mean it was not a LOCAL NEW MOON DVD? what will i do with my NEW MOON DVD? help plz.. hope someone would reply onmy inquiries.. thanx in advance..

  35. Clair de Lune said...

    ICYKEIRA: I doubt it's imported, because if it is, they wouldn't sell it at Php750.

    The DVD case should have these icons somewhere:
    DVD Region Codes

    Try to find it, and if it has a #3 on it, then you have the right region. You may want to try playing your DVD in other players. Maybe ask friends or other family members if you can try the DVDs on their players. If it works, then obviously, your own player has a problem. If it still doesn't play in other players, then you can take it back to Astroplus. Make sure to bring your receipt and make sure the packaging of your DVD isn't damaged.

  36. Clair de Lune said...

    JEC: We got reports that some Astroplus outlets also have mouse pads and shirts. Nagkataon lang siguro wala sa napuntahan mo. :( Sayang.

    For those who were commenting about not having the Extended Scenes, please check the list of features; our edition isn't supposed to have that, only Deleted Scenes. Only the BORDERS EDITION is supposed to have Extended Scenes.

    We asked Pioneer for a list of features and we posted it here and let you know in advance precisely because we want you to have an informed decision about which edition of the DVD to buy, and so that we will be able to check that we got everything that was advertised. As far as I can tell, we did. So please don't go looking for the Extended Scenes because our local edition isn't supposed to have it. Looking for it will give the impression that we were shortchanged, and we weren't. Let's be fair to the distributors.

  37. Heroin said...

    Hi everyone! I just watched disc2 of the NEW MOON DVD... well what can I say?! Our edition is great! I love it!!! I agree with wheng09... it's somehow better than last year's TWILIGHT DVD...

    I'm really excited to see eclipse on...well, not so sure if June... uhm, Clair de Lune, are we having the same showing date of eclipse with the US?! Hope you'll answer.. Thanks a lot!

  38. Clair de Lune said...

    Yup, Eclipse is gonna be released in June here in the Philippines, but Pioneer doesn't have an exact date yet. :)

  39. justine_marie19 said...

    wow..thanks for the help..=)i wonder nagbgay rin b ng freebies s twilight dvd?kc i was one of the firsts na bumili nung dvd here in our place pero wa ako nrecv n khit poster man lang..
    now i'll make sure i'll avail of the freebies..so xcited..=D
    thank you..

  40. Una said...

    I thought the release was on the 25th? A friend and I went to visit Festival Mall today and we saw the NM DVD's out on the shelves. They even say on the cover of the DVD that if you buy one you get that prize thingo, the mousepads and stuff, I think. D'you think those are the same DVD versions that'll be released on the 25th?

  41. Heroin said...

    Una: New Moon DVDs are really out in the market. We had the same same release date with the US and that was last Mar 20th. So the DVD that you saw at Festival Mall, those are the same DVDs that we thought to be out on Mar 25th. And BTW, they really offer that pick-a-prize thingy (either shirt, poster or mouse pad---promo good while supplies last)...Ü

  42. weniculle said...

    teka lng, really surprised here. The NM DVD was already out nung 20??I thought it was on the 25...haay...great.Ngaun ko lng nlaman, Astrovision in Trinoma didn't even inform me. Kmusta nmn yun, bka di na ako makakuha ng mga freebies, bukas p ako mkkpnta.haay....

  43. Anonymous said...

    I was slightly disappointed with the DVD for some reasons.

    1. New Moon was shot in 2.35:1. Pero the DVD was only in 1.78:1. Mas malawak yung 2.35:1. Hmmm...I'm not sure about the Region 1 and 2 DVDs pero OK naman ang DVD quality.

    2. I'm not sure about the audio commentary pero nung piniplay ko parang nahuhuli siya ng konti. The scene with Bella and Jessica tapos nagko-comment yung director, pero nahuhuli yung dialogue nila Bella sa video. Pero if you don't watch it with the audio commentary, ang ganda ng sound!

    3. Sometimes yung subtitles mali-mali. Like when Jessica was saying "R and J essay," nakalagay "R and Jessay". Tapos yung "Saint Marcus Day," nakalagay "San Marco's Day". Hindi naka-italicize yung mga dapat naka-italicize. I know it's not perfect, pero sana they should've been more careful.

    4. The menus were...ugh...where do I start? The main menu looked liked the main menu of the US version. Pero yung other menus gaya nung scene selection, parang dito na lang dinesign kasi parang plain and ordinary, parang napapangitan ako. Mas maganda yung menus ng US version.

    All the features naman are OK, maganda ang quality. Wow! About 4 hours yung Disc 2! I got the Edward and Bella poster.

    Yung Jacob Fast Forward at Edward Fast Forward pala, yung movie rin, pero yung mga scenes nila ang makikita mo, each running about 30 minutes. Bale 1 hour yun.

    I think it could've been better (the DVD) pero worth your P750 naman! Parang bumawi sa special features! Complete lahat ng features as promised!

  44. Ren. said...

    Coolness. I got the DVD just last week. Lol, I'm so late.

    I was a bit disappointed with the DVD because there was this "Region 3" malfunction when I tried to play it sa DVD player. I'm not really sure how to make it work. Haha.

    Everything besides that matter is amazing. I like the disc 2. Almost 4 hours! Grabe. It's so worth it. I got the Cullens, Bella and Edward poster. :p

    P.S. Can anyone help me regarding the Region 3 malfunction? :)

  45. Anonymous said...

    got my newmoon dvd..and maganda naman siya than my twilight dvd...complete naman lahat...sna yung eclipse maging ok rin..hehe...cant wait for eclipse...

    to ren yung sa akin naman nag ask kung what region yung gagamitin pero di naman siya malfunction...may ilang try's kasi kung magpplay ka nang dvd dun sa cd/dvd reader ng computer mo..either region 1,2,3..dito sa asia region 3 tayo..if na reach na niya yung limit at region 1 or 2 ka hindi na niya babasahin yung DVD...

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