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Today's Not-Really-A-News-Roundup

Yup, this really isn't a news round-up.

Just checking in to post a few things.

First, if you haven't heard through the fan grapevine yet, Summit Entertainment replaced Art Jones, the editor for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and long-time collaborator of David Slade. He was replaced by Twilight editor Nancy Richardson. More info over at Entertainment Weekly.

Second, we previously reported that the Rob Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin film, Remember Me, is going to be released here in the Philippines on March 12. Reports are coming in from fellow fans that cinemas are promoting the release date of the film as March 10, Wednesday. We are still confirming this with Pioneer Films, the local distributor, but please take note of the new date anyway, especially if you're planning to reserve tickets early. Pioneer hasn't confirmed if the trailer for Eclipse will be attached to Remember Me due to the March 12 US embargo. We will post more details about this as we get them.

Third, speaking of Remember Me, the TCP admins are keen on supporting Rob's foray into film production as well as his non-Twilight ventures, so we will be raffling-off some tickets for Remember Me very soon. Keep visiting us!

Fourth, we've put up a new poll regarding the Twilight Graphic Novel. We hope you will take the time out to vote so that we can gauge interest in this new release. We hope to have some good news soon for people who are interested in buying the book.

Lastly, we've made it easier for you to find information regarding the local release of the New Moon DVD. All the information you will need is now permanently tacked to our site's sidebar to your right. There's also a link to the original announcement where you can post questions regarding the DVD. Don't post your questions in this blog post, use the link at the sidebar.


  1. capucine said...

    I hope Pioneer replies soon. Clickthecity finally updated the Next Attraction list and it says Remember Me will be shown on March 12. But Rockwell still hasn't updated their Web site and it's still showing March 10 as the release date. Maybe there's a special screening in Rockwell? I better give them a call next week, too.

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