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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Trailer Now Online!

As mentioned earlier, here is the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!


  1. Liam said...

    The trailer is really good!

    Love the fact that they included lines from the book. My favorite scene is when Bella was putting her hand on Charlie's shoulders and then clips changed to her hugging Renee with Edward's voice over saying something about her decisions. The scene is really touching.

    The Volturi still gives me the creeps. *shivers* For those who are wondering why Jacob is giving the why-so-serious look and tone, I think it's because he is supposed to sound "not fun" anymore in Eclipse. Remember in NM, he didn't really like the idea of what he had become. Adding to that, Bella chose Edward over him. I'm pretty excited to see how Taylor Lautner will show this side of Jake's.

    Some slight problems I had was one, the meadow. Resident_nutty, Echo, and I were talking about it, the meadow is too flower-y (Maybe because Edward's love for Bella is blooming more and more... In tagalog, namumulaklak din ang pag-ibig ni Edward para kay Bella :P). And that BDH looked like a rag doll. Come on! I believe most of us can't help but to compare her from Rachelle. Well, Rachelle's curls are natural, whereas Bryce's are not. But yeah, I do miss seeing Rachelle as the Victoria... our Victoria. I just think that it's fair to wait and see if Bryce can pull this off with her acting. I really hope to see more fierce and feline body movements on her scenes.

    All in all, I'm a satisfied vampire. Can't wait to see Eclipse this coming June. Good job to the cast and crew. Kuddos to David Slade! :D

  2. Liam said...

    Ooooohhh... and observe, Summit Entertainment's logo color is again patterned to the color palette of the movie. I like it better than its color in New Moon, I must say. :P

  3. TIKisokA said...

    I didn't notice that Summit's logo changes accdg to color palette of the movie...
    but yeah I like the silvery white logo of Eclipse =D
    After seeing this trailer am wanting more! haha
    Can't wait for June! this is really my fave in the series so am double excited! wohoo!

  4. minamic said...

    I think the logo, with the blood-red tinge, is kinda cliche. :P

    And I have to agree with the Bryce comments. Still don't mind giving her a chance, but at the back of my head during the movie, I just know I'll be missing Rachelle. She is FIERCE!

    I've read comments where people seem to like "every moment of forever" as opposed to "every single day of forever". I think I still prefer the original, book version though. Mostly because I've heard Edward say it to Bella in my head enough times that, despite the corniness that resulted from the Lion-Lamb direct quote, I just KNOW that this won't come off sounding like it.

    Maybe that's what Melissa Rosenberg tried to do? After the whole fiasco with the lion-lamb quote from twilight? She tried not to pull as much from the books anymore?

    Still, I love Eclipse. "You compare one small tree to the entire forest." "I need you. I want you. Right now." "I was all braced for the wrath that was going to put grizzlies to shame, and this is what I get? I should infuriate you more often." It's the title where we see Edward being (or try to be) THE boyfriend -- they just started out in Twilight, separated and fought himself in New Moon, and regretted much of Breaking Dawn. So I hope things pan out.

    Trailer seems like an 80% for me so far. I hope the movie's better. :)

  5. resident_nutty said...

    Since it's just the first trailer, I'll just comment on the thing that doesn't fall on the it's-too-early-to-tell category. And those are the flowers in the meadow LOL. It looks more like a garden than a meadow (by the sheer number and the type of flower used). Not sure if I should be nitpicking about that detail but it kind of distracted me from the Edward-Bella panoramic shot in the trailer.

    Much like what they did in the New Moon promos, I guess this is the first installment wherein it focuses more on the love story. I can't wait when they start introducing the action scenes (since that will definitely get everyone's attention if executed well). I need my dose of vampire babies LOL

  6. myeth said...

    okay, good to know i'm not the only one missing rachelle as victoria. another thing i noticed was the conversation bet. edward and jacob, isn't that the fire and ice chapter??? uhm... no tent??? no bella seeming to think she's dreaming??? or maybe i'm just getting way ahead of myself.

    trailer was fantastic, definitely increased my craving for eclipse. ^__^

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