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Candy Magazine June Issue Covers: Team Edward and Team Jacob

Be sure to grab a copy of the June issue of Candy Magazine, which has features which cater to those under Team Edward and Team Jacob. Robert Pattinson is shown in the front cover while Taylor Lautner is on the back cover of the magazine.  For more information about the current issue, just browse the Candy Magazine site. This issue is sold for Php100.

Kindly post in the comments section as regards local availability. Thanks!


  1. KiniBabyLove said...

    Tweeted about it before. Got mine last week from FB Trinoma. Also available at the Landmark.

  2. biancamarie29 said...

    I already got one bought it last week.....

  3. Exylle said...

    guys any news about the eclipse special edition of candy magazine? i thought it will be released together with the june 2010 issue (robert and taylor as the cover)of candy magazine? thanks... :)

  4. Ren. said...

    Got mine last May 29. It's totally awesome pero ang onti ng info about Jacob dun :(

    @Exylle, I think it'll be out soon. I checked out the malls thrice already because I'm also waiting for that special edition. Sana meron na, kasi sabi sakin nung Tuesday ng Booksale, magkakaron daw ng delivery. The delivery was done last Wednesday. Di ko lang alam kung meron na. haven't checked out yet.

  5. Exylle said...

    YEY! Candy Special: Twilight Saga Eclipse is already out on different bookstores nationwide. It has a free poster and free team edward or team jacob pin! i got mine today! :)

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