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Eclipse Movie Banners

Summit released three banners of the Eclipse film through various avenues on the internet this past week. The first one of the trio was first viewed through the official Twilight Saga Facebook fanpage. The second, this time of the Volturi, was sent to fansites Twilighters Anonymous, Twilight Guy, His Golden Eyes and Twilight SuperFans on MSN. The third, which shows Riley and the newborns, is featured on the Yahoo! Movies site.

Not feeling Dakota in the Volturi poster, or the camera angle of the first two. I don't know... they lack something. The lighting looks very horror-movie-ish, which we all know, Twilight is not, despite all the vamps running around. (I'm not even counting the werewolves because they're way too cute, like big overgrown pet dogs. Oops. Sorry Jake.) The last image, with Xavier Samuel as Riley, definitely has more flair. I'm wondering if this is all they're releasing, or maybe they'll come up with two more of the wolf pack and the Cullens. Would you guys probably like that? :)


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