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News Round-Up: 6 May 2010

Soooo... the suits have decided on a deadline for Breaking Dawn. According to here (Deadline Hollywood), here (Twilight Twitter) and here (MTV), the release date of the film (or of the first film if they decide on two movies) will be November 18, 2011. Should that be final, it'll be a welcome birthday present for any Twilighter celebrating on that day.

But first, they've got to make that movie! Read TCP admin CdL's feature commentary, "The Vampire Death Baby Cometh", about what's in store for newly initiated Twilight saga director Bill Condon at New Worlds PH.

And before all this, well, we've got Eclipse to look forward to! Some fans were able to watch a special Oprah-sponsored screening of the rough cut of the movie. You can read a collected list of attendee fan tweets at HisGoldenEyes.com and a short article on USA Today. Don't worry. The descriptions are quite generic and non-spoilerish. Also, I must say that the largely positive feedback from that screening (considering the movie is unfinished) is very reassuring.

Oprah also has the trio and Dakota Fanning guesting in an episode to air on the 13th of May, or Robert Pattinson's birthday!

The LATimes mentions that the third Twilight Saga movie will be premiering at the LA Film Festival. Reason?

"If we program a movie like 'Twilight' that draws audiences that might not otherwise attend film festivals, hopefully we'll expose them to other cinematic experiences that we think are inspiring," said festival director Rebecca Yeldham.

The price won't be cheap--between 500-1000 USD--but I've heard of people spending more. I think it's a good deal for Twilighters. They not only get their favorite film, but a widened artistic perspective on other films as well. After all, beyond Bella, Edward, Jacob, the Cullens and the last movie, Breaking Dawn, life must go on.


  1. Clair de Lune said...

    I thought the Eclipse screening at LAFF is by invitation only?

  2. minamic said...

    actually, that's the weird part. because on the LA Film Fest site: http://www.lafilmfest.com/2010/films/passes, the Fast Pass (1000 dollars) gets you two admission tix to the Eclipse premiere, but until supplies last. so i guess if you're early and lucky? :P

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