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Dunkin' Donuts "Eclipse" Promo

Dunkin Donuts has released its promo for the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie in the Philippines. Just buy a dozen doughnuts and they will be boxed using the official movie poster as its print. You can also buy a dozen doughnuts and add Php20 to get a free Eclipse bag.

Thanks to twitter follower itsmejade13 for the tip. Kindly post in the comments section of this post regarding the branches where you have spotted this promo.


  1. gracielou105 said...

    Meron sha sa Galle! :) I got mine last weekend. They even have E and J chocoglazed donuts with white E and J icing tapos may strawberry filling. hahaha :P

  2. wolffia said...

    i got this http://twitpic.com/1v17be a while ago from the Dunkin' Donut MRT-Ayala branch (near the MRT groundfloor elevator, i think it's beside a Pizza Hut kiosk). the other box is a JacobxBella one.

  3. MissMilcah37 said...

    Macheck nga sa SM San Lazaro, will post pag meron dun! =]

  4. MissMilcah37 said...

    They have it at SM San Lazaro! Got mine kanina, with the Team Edward and Team Jacob donuts and the black Eclipse tote bag as well. Hehe ancute! =D

  5. Anonymous said...

    HEY GUYS THERE'S A NEW PROMO FROM DUNKIN DONUTS...They are offering this collectible Twilight Saga Eclipse umbrella...you can buy it at 150p but if you're gonna buy a dozen donuts, I think it's just gonna be around 60 pesos. It comes in 3 designs - black, gray, and red. I just bought the gray one kanina when I accidentally saw one twilighter buying it. lol... Get yours! It's cool. =P

  6. camry said...

    The new promo regarding the umbrella is only until July 30 so BILI NA!

  7. thansher01 said...

    @camry, do you have pics of the umbrella promo of Dunkin Donut? should you have please post some.. thanks ^_^

  8. jec said...

    @camry: only red umbrellas are available
    at sobrang nipis. pang araw lang di pwedeng pang ulan,
    I dont like the red one kaya di na ako bumili

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