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Danag Podcast Episode 23

Episode 23 - One Millisecond of Hesitation for Team Edward, One Giant Victory for Team Jacob

In which:
- We review "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

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UPDATE (9/8): We have finally decided what items will be in the Twilight Care Package!!! The winner will get to win the following:
- 1 The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner book
- 1 Eclipse movie poster
- 1 Bree Tanner poster
- 1 Eclipse paperback (original cover)
- 1 Twilight Director's Notebook
- Selected TCP pins

I hope that's enough for you to join our Danag contest! We will be accepting entries until October 8, 2010 and announce the winner a few days after. As we mentioned, you have to listen to the podcast to know what the contest is about!

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Good luck everyone and we're looking forward to reading your entries!


  1. Anonymous said...

    posted by mariejami

    I like the make-up cause they really look like statues on that part where the wolves takes place for Alice and Emmett and Rosalie's bride look (OMIGASH, she's stunning there!) and the expression on Bella's face after she punched Jacob (that reaction was PRICELESS..best "ouch" reaction ever)..


  2. Honey said...

    Luckily, I posted some reactions about Eclipse months ago and posted it on my blog so I just did a copy-paste here hehe. So here are the 5 things that I like about the film and I do hope I will win this fabulous contest. You have such a nice list of gifts there =)

    1. Fight/action scenes. They were just bada$$ and certainly showcased their "vampire-ness."
    2. Charlie. 'enuff said. LOL. He steals the scenes smoothly and the face/reaction he just pulled off when Bella sorta said "Dad, I'm a virgin" was just epic.
    3. Backstories of both Rosalie and Jasper. We get to know them a li'l more.
    4. Some of the dialogues/lines were all exact or somewhat close with what were in the book.
    5. This is not my fave actually but I'm including it here. Putting the best song in the OST (for me hehe) "Heavy in My Arms" on credits. =( Though Eclipse OST is by far the best of three.

    That would be all. Good luck TCP and to everyone who will join the contest =)

  3. Charmaine said...

    by: Charmaine Jimenez

    Basically, i love the whole movie 'cause yeah I'm a Twihard :) I like the scene where Bella and Edward are in their meadow, it's exactly the same as the one they described on the book. Also, the bonfire party was nice :) Seth Clearwater was OMG amazing :D The fight scene of Edward and Victoria was great :) especially when he beheaded Victoria :)

    thanks a lot <3

  4. Yvette said...

    Reactions to Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    1. When Bella told Cahrlie that She's STILL a Virgin. Haha. (I was like a crazy girl laughing on the Cinema.) Bella was very cute there.:D And Charlie, seeing his face, I imagined my father's if i do the same thing that Bella did.

    2. When Jacob told Edward, "I'm hotter than you". That was very funny.:D I wanted to run and scream on Jacob's ear and say,"Yeah Right. Whatever Jacob, At least he's cool." when I heard that, I cant believe he said that to the Swoon-Worthy Man of my dreams. It's quite annoying but it made me laugh.

    3. Compromise! Best part ever.:D I love the way Edward proposed to Bella. As a matter of fact, I memorized his lines.:DDD

    4. A little disappointed about Jasper and Bella's hair-do. But love Rosalie nad Alice's.

    5. Graduation. I love Jessica's speech. It's like she's just talking to Bella.:D Her words fit the situation between the lovebirds (Edward and Bella).
    Changing their minds.:D

    6. The first and last part.:D It made me cry. They're so sweet. The way he distracted Bella while studying in the first part and their kisses. Oh, and also, The way he slid the ring on Bella's finger (last part). *faints*.. so love them.:D

    6. Bella bids Jacob Goodbye. *cries*. It was a little bit sad.

    7. I love the Soundtrack.:D Love is Forever by Muse is the Best.:D Very cool!

    That's all. Good Luck to me. Hope I'll win. And if i do, Twilight Care PAckage will be the best Birthday gift for me.:D

    Can you read minds, TCP? Cause this is exactly what we want.

    thanks for the contest and hope everyone will join.:D


  5. kymishcullen said...


    What I liked most about the movie is how the official soundtrack was used in the film. Frankly, it was very hard to listen to because it is "too indie" for me. At the most, I liked 3 songs out of the album but after watching the movie for a bunch of times, the songs made its mark to me. Together with my favorite scenes, the rhythm and style deeply influenced the mood and impact of it (Jacob with the motorcycle+the music is the scene where somehow, for a millisecond, that I turned team Jacob lol). It conveys more emotion than the previous movies and it represented the characters feelings very well.

  6. Karlota Moi said...

    hahaha.. didn't know there's a philippine group of twihards too..

  7. Sarah said...

    The topic isn't limited to the movie only right?

    I want to comment about the book. The cover particularly. I think that it truly captures the whole essence of the Eclipse story. The torn red ribbon means torn relationship between Jacob and Bella. The moment Jacob told Bella that he loves her, it means that he wants Bella and him to be more than friends and it kind of puts Bella in a difficult situation.

  8. Jerica said...

    Oh I hope I still make it!

    well what I Like the most about in Eclipse movie are the fight scenes, really that was the best, no boring moments and I had goose bumps after watching. I like the way they told Jasper and Rosalie's story too, especially in Rosalie's the part wherein she wore a wedding gown and hunt down Royce was as creepy as I imagine it. Also the tents scene, so intense and hilarious at the same time, Jacob's line "I'm hotter than you" was epic, I almost fall off my chair.
    The way that they visualized how to rip off a vampire is the best among the three movies, in new moon you can see that it was just a props and stuff but in eclipse, it was really like stones just like how vampires are describe in the book book.
    I like the way how they present the newborns and Riley, because you could see the other part of the vampire world, where they hunt humans, you can see the monster side that Edward tells bella all the time that they were to together.
    and of course, twilight is not twilight without the love story, the proposal is really a kilig moment, though I expect different yet, they give it a sweet twist that touches my heart, maybe yours too.


    my e-add: baby_bloom143@yahoo.com.ph

    Thanks TCP!

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