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Post-Event Report: TCP's 'Twas the Yule Before Dawn X'mas Party 2010

This year, Twilight Coven Philippines celebrates its third Christmas season! (Wow, how time flies!) Saturday, December 18, the group held its annual holiday gathering, dubbed "'Twas the Yule Before Dawn" at KFC, SM Megamall Building A.

The members had fun joining the different games prepared by the TCP admins. They racked their brains for the Twilight memory game, where they were given scant time to memorize Twi-related words on a sheet. Full participation of everyone in attendance was required for a category game, where each person was given two random characters from the saga, and if they fit the descriptions called out, they had to sit down. The final games were TCP's standard Paint-Me-A-Picture, where the participants were asked to pose with the character standees on display, and a Mastermind-type game.

One of the highlights was "Mangle the Christmas Carol", where teams of three were determined at the start of the party and were asked to perform Twilightized versions of any popular Christmas song. We are very proud of all groups and their creative efforts that we asked to share the lyrics to their Twi-carols here. :D

Team: Melissa, Meean, Meisha
[sung to the tune of Joy to the World]
Twilight rules the world! ..............Joy to the world
Edward has come. .......................The Lord is come
Will Bella become a vampire? .......Let earth receive her king.
And Jake made her confused. ....... Let every heart.
But she's the one to choose. ....... Prepare Him room.
And Edward was her choice. ........And heaven & nature sing
Renesmee is the fruit. ..................And heaven & nature sing
And Jacob became her son-in law!.........And heaven, and heaven & nature sing

Team: Nikki, Kim, Joanna
On the 12th day of Christmas the Volturi gave to me...

Twelve eggs a’frying, eleven humans stoning, ten guards a’feeding, nine nomads dancing, eight Volvos drifting, seven Cullens singing, six newborns slaying, five Carlisle rings, four howling wolves, three blonde Denalis, two wolf boys in love, and Emmett on an apple tree.

Prizes for the games included Eclipse DVDs, Twilight Saga books, and New Moon and Eclipse posters. For the last two games, first place groups were surprised with a set each of the Eclipse standees! (One set has a Jacob, a Bella and an Edward.)

We would like to thank everyone who made it to the party. We hope you had a blast! Thank you also to those who continue to support and follow our community. And a very special thank you to our sponsors: Ms. Isa and Hachette Book Group USA (Philippines); National Bookstore; C-Interactive Entertainment; Pioneer Films; and Ms. Alona and New Trends Philippines/Esprit (for what CdL now calls THE AMAZING ECLIPSE STANDEES!)

Happy Holidays from Twilight Coven Philippines ... and Bella, Edward and Jacob. ^.~


  1. Anonymous said...

    Once again, TCP...rockin' party! Now I can literally say that Edward has watched over me while sleeping *sigh* (alicecullen here!)

  2. Anonymous said...

    you guys looked HAPPY.. :D that's GOOD....


  3. Anonymous said...

    It's good seeing you guys happy.. :D


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