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Twilight Barkada Super Fan Giveaway Promo by C-Interactive

The local distributors of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVDs have a fun little promo for Filipino Twilight fans, where you can win some nifty Twi-stuff. First you have to have a Facebook account. Details are here but we've also posted them below for you to peruse. :)

 Join The Most Exclusive Twilight Barkada Super Fan Giveaway Promo!

Let everyone on Facebook know you're One of Us “The Twilight Barkada Super Fan” and You and your friends get a chance to win free Twilight Exclusive & Limited giveaways!

The more people you invite, share, tag gives you and your friends more chances of winning FREE Exclusive Twilight giveaways and DVD’s from C-Interactive Digital Entertainment - ALL FOR FREE!

It's easy! Check out the 6 simple steps to join:

1st Be a member of the Official FAN page of Twilight Saga Eclipse by C-Interactive (www.facebook.com/twilightbarkada) and add C-Interactive Digital Entertainment as a friend on Facebook (www.facebook.com/cinteractivemanila).

2nd Choose one of our photo’s from our Photo gallery under the album called TWILIGHT BARKADA PROFILE PICTURE and make it your profile picture until promo period ends.

3rd Once you’ve changed your profile picture, Do not forget to Tag Us and 3 of your friends.

4th Customize your Facebook status message, letting everyone know that you joined C-Interactive Twilight Barkada Super Fan Giveaway Promo, Tag Us and Invite 3 of your friends to be part of this experience. Let them know that its all for FREE!

Your status message should go like this:

“I bought the @Twilight Saga Eclipse by C-Interactive Entmt.  & joined the Twilight Barkada Super Fan Giveaway Promo and invite @friend1@friend2, and @friend3 to also get a chance to win exclusive & limited Twilight gifts & other C-Interactive prizes! All for FREE this holiday season! Give the gift of Twilight”

5th Send us a private message of your full name, mobile number and email address to comply with our mechanics.

6th Visit C-Interactive’s Official Website & Click on SIGN UP FOR UPDATES! and fill up the form provided. (http://www.c-interactive.com.ph/)

10 winners will be drawn randomly and each will get a free exclusive and limited edition Twilight giveaway from C-Interactive for the participant and the 3 tagged friends get a chance to win C-Interactive DVD’s and other promo prizes.

Promo period will run for two weeks from December 18 upto January 2, 2011.

Winner’s will be announced on January 15, 2011

Winners will be announced & notified via C-Interactive’s status message, by direct message and/or notified by mobile and/or email.

To Qualify and WIN:
1. Participants MUST be a member of the Official Fan page of Twilight Saga Eclipse by C-Interactive. (www.facebook.com/twilightbarkada)

2. Participants MUST be a friend of C-Interactive Entmnt on Facebook. (www.facebook.com/cinteractivemanila)

3. Participant MUST use any of the Profile picture’s in our gallery (TWILIGHT BARKADA PROFILE PICTURE) until end of promo January 15, 2011.

4. Participants MUST have our status message posted on your status all throughout the promo period and must tag 3 of your friends who you also want to WIN exclusive C-Interactive Promo giveaways.

5. Three of your friends you tagged MUST BE a member of our Fan page & MUST ADD us as a friend on facebook.

6. Participants MUST have original purchased DVD’s of New Moon & Eclipse by C-Interactive when claiming of prize.

Claim of Prize:
  1.  Winners must Present Original C-Interactive New Moon & Eclipse DVD’s purchased.
  2.  Present 2 Valid ID w/photo, signature and address (E.g. SSS, Driver’s License or school ID) for verification.
  3.  Winners must come to C-Interactive’s office in person and show official SMS message to claim the prize provided that all requirements & qualifications mentioned must be accomplished.
  4.  Prize can only be claimed until 30 days upon receipt of notice. Otherwise, it will be forfeited in favor of C-Interactive Digital Entertainment.
Get tagging now! And join the Twilight Barkada, Before you know it, you and your friends will be turning into the Ultimate Twilight Super Fan!


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