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Jasper and Rosalie Hale... for real!

Sorry, folks, this is just too cute not to post. :D

Twilight Guy posted this very very cool story about a Twilight Dad whose surname is Hale, and who recently had twins (boy and girl) and who decided to name them Jasper and Rosalie. VERY COOL!


Okay, that story should get Stephenie's attention. LOL.

And this officially is going to start a trend that can potentially be as big as naming your twin son and daughter Luke and Leia. :p


  1. sam said...

    so cute!!! cool ng dad!

  2. wicked banana said...

    haha. yep.. saw this too.. :D

  3. nessie_cullen said...

    sana mka meet ako ng guy
    then ung surname nya cullen or masen..
    Im contented with that:]

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