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Twilight Rides #1 and Early Sequel Talk

Cross-posted from NewWorlds.ph

One of the things that makes the vampires in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga interesting is that they drive really really cool cars. MTV has a feature called "Twilight Rides" where they look at all the slick and not so slick *coughBella'sTruckcough* cars that are featured in the film. Twilight Rides #1 features Carlisle Cullen's black Mercedes S55 AMG. The S55 is classy, and fits its owner's personality perfectly. Carlisle, played by actor Peter Facinelli, is the handsome and compassionate doctor who is patriarch of the Cullen coven. [via MTV]

MTV is also reporting that contracts are under negotiation to produce sequels to Twilight based on the next two books, New Moon and Eclipse. If the deals push through, Summit plans to go the Lord of the Rings way, and shoot the two films simultaneously. [MTV Movies Blog]


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