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Breaking Dawn Philippine Release: August 4

We've confirmed from the major local bookstores that "Breaking Dawn" will be released here in the Philippines on August 4 despite the August 2 U.S. release date. The publisher of the book is the one who set this date and the stores just have to comply, so let's not give them a hard time. ;)

We'll try to give you more details about this, as well as the availability of "Eclipse (Special Edition)" on Saturday during the Book Discussion. See you there! :)


  1. Anonymous said...

    hi, i'm so glad to hear that breaking dawn will be released august 4th. Will that be nationwide? which stores? i live in cebu and would like to know where i can purchase my copy. National bookstore and powerbooks are the only ones here that may carry it. thanks

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Hi there! We'll ask the stores here if that will be a nationwide release, then we'll post the info here. :)

  3. Aileen said...

    Both the hardbound and paperback will be released.

  4. Anonymous said...

    im so glad that ours wont be that long. (whew) i cant wait to read the last installment.

  5. Anonymous said...

    This is soooo unfair!!!! i leave the philppines to go back home on august 2. so i don't get to get the book early. i get back in the US on august 3rd so by the time i get the book i will be so behind compared to all my friends!!!! :'[. this is so messeed up. and my best friend happens to be a really fast reader. :P

  6. saphemyst said...

    which store is this? this is sooo unfair...!!! bookstores in the states are having midnight sales and we here in the Philippines have to wait for 2 more days!!!!! aaaarrrhhhh!!!! why can't they do simultaneous releases just like harry potter! seriously! we're dying here!!!!! we're just as thirsty!!!!

  7. ms. o'shea said...

    whew.. really? well... actually thats better.. i was dreading that they might release it weeks after the official release date in the us so im pretty happy with that..

    uhhmm u guys know which bookstores accept reservations? and how much? will i have to pay for the book in full already?

    weee.. im so excited.. :D

  8. Clair de Lune said...

    SAPHEMYST: This is for ALL stores. It's the publisher's decision to release on August 4, so the stores can't do anything about it.

    MS. O'SHEA: We'll have more information regarding reservations by the end of the week. Please stay tuned. :)

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