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MTV Twilight Tuesday: The Cullen Family Crest

In this week's "Twilight" Tuesday over at MTV, Larry Carroll and the gang explore how the filmmakers are trying to ensure that the book makes a good transition to the big screen. This involves re-writing scenes or adding certain elements that will make the plot more compact and fit to film. MTV even gives us a glimpse of a new scene that was written in lieu of a long section of emotional exposition. This may not delight the "purist" fans or those who refuse to understand the concept of a "film adaptation", but as producer Greg Mooradian explains: "It's very important to distinguish that we're making a separate piece of art that obviously is going to remain very, very faithful to the book. But at the same time, we have a separate responsibility to make the best movie you can make."

There is also the interesting addition of The Cullen Family Crest, which was director Catherine Hardwicke's brainchild. This was not in the books, but it should make for an interesting detail to look forward to in the film. Read more about these stories in the links below:

Links (MTV): "How faithful will the movie be to the book?" (Spoiler Warning: contains a sneak peek at the added scene) | "First family of Twilight unveils the Cullen Family Crest" | Video: "We have tried to expand on the novel"


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