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Happy 107th Birthday, Edward Cullen!

Edward "The Dazzler" Cullen celebrates his 107th birthday today!

If you were to give Edward a uniquely Filipino gift, what would it be? Post your answer in the comments page. :)


  1. shara said...

    OMG, haha!

    "The Dazzler" - i Love it!

    Barong. I can picture it already. =D

  2. Filipino.Twilight.Spaz said...

    I was going to say Baron, but someone else said that...

    UBE CAKE!!! OR CASAVA (Dunno how to spell it) CAKE!! XD XD XD

    *falls over laughing*

    Palaam! =)

  3. mabelle said...

    kakapalan ko na mukha ko

    I'm uniquely Filipino...i'll give myself as a gift to Edward, hehe

  4. Jessica Manalili said...

    My very own version of a bite!!! hahahha

    But more promptly, a KISS!!

  5. Meimei said...

    dried mangoes from cebu,piyaya from iloilo, or marble carving ng sarili nya from my province,Romblon, Romblon..:D

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