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POLL: When should we celebrate the launch of "Breaking Dawn"?

It has previously been announced that "Breaking Dawn" will be released in the Philippines on August 4, 2008. If Twilight Coven Philippines were to organize a launch party, when would you want it to be held? When you vote, please choose the date when YOU will be able to attend -- after all, this event is for you, the Pinoy "Twilight" fan.

Please remember that having an event before August 4 doesn't mean you'll get your books early. The publishers have the books embargoed until August 4, and that's not likely to change even if there's a launch event.

Please vote and ask your fellow Filipino Twilight fans to vote. You can also COMMENT HERE to post any other suggestions. Your answers will be very valuable to us as we try to make the launch event a reality.

Thanks so much. :)

[the poll is hosted on an external site. please be patient while the poll loads.]


  1. ashburyfaith said...

    hey sis!
    i just voted.

    really hope the pinoy twilight fans support the poll.

    good luck to all of us!

  2. maidenveil said...

    the day before so we can drown ourselves in the book the next day! ^o^.

  3. Anonymous said...

    hi, i'd love to attend a launch of breaking dawn, but since i'm in cebu that would be difficult. I think the launch should be on the 4th, given that it is when the book comes out. I'd imagine it would be the shortest party in history, with the book on hand..susme...everybody will want to go home and devour it!!! enjoy!

  4. Jessica Manalili said...

    Guys.. I mean gals..


    let's have it another date aside from aug 2&3

    because of a very important reason!!!

    we are going to have our UPCAT test then!!!!! pls



    HAVE MERCY!!!!!

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